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Body Mind Systems® specializes in training men and women to have the extra mental edge they need in life. Training develops a martial arts lifestyle which enables students to have the maximum amount success in all areas of their life: healthy mind and body, career, relationships, family, etc. Our highly knowledgeable Instructors will help you reach your goals, both mentally and physically. Students training towards their black belt are looking for maximum success with their career, finances, health, community, relationships and family. Learn the following martial arts: • Tai Chi Chuan (internal style that can increase oxygen intake to the bloodstream) • Kung Fu (emulating animals and elements in nature) • Bagua Zhang (circle walk techniques incorporates Qi energy into the body) • Aikido/Hapkido (joint manipulation self-defense) • Kong Su Do (external Korean hard-style that incorporates explosive power and precision) • Yudo (Korean style of Judo and Jujitsu) • Ship Pal Gye (teaches 18 Chinese weapons and their practical application) • Kom Do (Korean form of the Japanese arts of Kendo and Iaido) Each martial arts requires different skills and offers particular benefits based on how your body has to move to match the style. We utilize all of these styles over the course of your training so you will gain more a balanced physical and mental development. Start today! Contact an Instructor to schedule a free introductory lesson. Body Mind Systems Martial Arts Center 1739 Centre Street West Roxbury, MA 02132 (617) 327-5100 BodyMindSystems.com WRschool@gmail.com

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