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Christmas Day Christmas Dinner/Potluck for Christmas Orphans
Third Annual Christmas Day Christmas Dinner/Potluck for Christmas Orphans at the Dragon House And by Christmas Orphans, I definitely do not mean "Please sir, Can I have some more" kid orphans, I mean grown ups with no family in town, who would like to go out and be social. And let me be clear, if you want to bring your locally adopted family to this event, or friends, or kids, or whomever, this is the event for you and them. There is always room for more people, and more delicious food on the table. If you want to share this event, here is a link to a facebook event for it: Thats the Who and the What, now for the When and Where The when is on Christmas Day Dec 25th. We will open the doors at 3:00PM, and start to dive into the yummy things that people have brought at about 4:00PM. With events at my house, we typically go until people leave as conversations are awesome. The where is that I'm at "The Dragon House"[masked]th Ave SW (on the corner of 44th and Brandon in West Seattle). You can tell when you get here because of the 16 foot tall sculpture of a dragon right on the corner, and next to it is a lifesized sculpture of a naked woman that has the dragon on a leash. They are carved from trees that grew in that spot. Once you get here there is a set of curved grand entry stairs that are red concrete just to the North of the dragon. Come on up, come past the trampoline and up onto the front porch. If you have trouble finding the place, please feel free to call (206)[masked] - by voice, it's a landline in the house, and we can tell you how to get here. As a side note, if you have questions ahead of time, you can also feel free to call. Street parking is usually very easy to find close by. Important Extra notes: As far as the food: I'll provide a brown sugar coated baked ham. Since this is a civilized event, I'll provide real plates and silverware, the catch here is that you have to do your own dishes. There will be signs up and lots of people can help show you to the kitchen. It's not really a steep price to pay for a wonderful evening. As far as what you bring, this is christmas dinner, this is the time of year you want to bring something amazing. Bring something you feel proud of sharing. Please DO NOT stop at a convenience store on the way here and grab a bag of chips or a bag of hot dogs... This sentiment is not about spending a lot of money or putting in hours and hours of time, it's about taking pride in what you are sharing with the community of people you will be having dinner with. I've got a couple ovens to heat things in, I've got power to make sure a crock pot stays hot, I've got serving utensils. Traditionally the quality of food that people bring to events here is very good, thats one of the reasons I keep having events here! I'll have the fire lit inside, and if it's not raining we can also light the firepit outside. AND If it is raining AND someone brings a popup, we can still light the firepit outside in the front yard. (I don't have a pop-up) This is a no smoking house, and a no animals house. While there are 2 sets of stairs in the front, we have a more level area in back with only one set of stairs, and if you need help getting up them, call and let me know, the guests are always willing to help someone else in. As usual, I'll take the time to give tours of some of the more entertaining features of the house, so if you've "always wondered", well this is a great time to find out. In fact, if you are a budding storyteller and want to give some of the tours, reach out to me as Jade (who did a number of them in the past) will be out of town. With that, I look forward to seeing everyone on Christmas day. John.

The Dragon House

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