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If you are seeker of the truth, working to reach the self realization of your internal real being, looking to develop the latent powers of your divine and human soul and better comprehend the unlimited mysteries of nature, if you are thirsty for the wisdom that illuminated the minds and warmed the hearts of many sages and saints through the ages... then this meetup group may be for you.

Although the spiritual path must be walked individually by each one of us, in our way we enjoy the company of others with the same goal and profit from the guidance left by former walkers as living sign posts.


In this group we will dive into the vast and diverse source of wisdom left for us to benefit since the beginning of time. We will approach topics under a pragmatic route, which is the core of the gnostic teachings, that constantly push us to seek the living light of wisdom only aquired by a direct practical experience.

Gnosis manifest through three main factors: Purification, Development of virtues and Service.

It is sustain by the four main pillars of human activity: science, philosophy, art and religion.

And in its universal principles encloses the divine essence present in all religions.


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