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Bicycle rides for all skill levels since 2012. Event activity level, route distance, ride surface and speed vary, based on group preference. The focus of this group is to promote a healthy lifestyle and year-round activity in a relaxed social atmosphere. P

NOBODY GETS LEFT BEHIND. Helmets and hydration means are mandatory. Use lights for any rides other than in bright daylight.

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Intermediate ride from Rio Vista Park

Rio Vista Park

*The Intermediate Ride distances will generally be between 25 to 35 miles. The pace will be between 12-15 mph

• You will need to bring a helmet and tube to fit your particular bike..

• Hydration is ALWAYS important, so bring a liquid to hydrate with, 2 bottles is best. Insulated water bottles are recommended to keep water cool. A helpful hint is to freeze the water bottle the evening before, this helps to keep water colder longer.

• All types of bikes are welcome but you are responsible to make sure they are in mechanical shape to complete the ride (proper tire pressures, working brakes and shifters).

• To allow the ride leaders to plan rides, you need to sign up for a particular ride on the WVCC site, and if you need to cancel, please let us know. Just showing up on day of the ride precludes any planning by leaders. Also, we all know life is busy, so if you are running a few minutes behind, let us know and we will wait for you.

• Your safety and enjoyment of our rides are paramount with West Valley Casual.
Depending on the number of participants, the intermediate ride may be combined with the long ride.

Help us get to know you better, please take a few minutes to fill out your profile.

Rio Vista Saturday Long Ride

Rio Vista Park

This will be WEEKLY longer ride with distances beginning at 35 miles. Destinations will change weekly. Estimated average speeds 14 + mph and social distancing will be enforced. A mask is recommended.

Silent Sunday @ SoMo San Juan

South Mountain Park

The primary ride will be out to San Juan and back.

At the "Y" there will be an option to return to the parking lot or go up the mountain.

Let's do some hill training. No minimum speed expected, everyone will go at their own pace.

The park is closed to vehicular traffic. This is a no drop ride.

**COVID cases are once again on the rise in Maricopa County and we continue to advise that if you are not feeling well or have recently been exposed to someone with COVID, please stay home!

Monday Intermediate Ride Series

Rio Vista Park

This ride although not a beginners ride will maintain at least a 12-13 mph pace. We will ride 10 - 20 miles. Please check with this site 1 hour before ride time to note any cancellation due to weather. We will not ride in rain or chance of lightening. Helmets and lights required.

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All New Beginners Ride

Sweetwater Park

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