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I’m an experienced player but can only play on weekends. What’s a girl to do? Start her own group!
Depending on interest, I’d like to organize two Sundays a month - although I’m open to Saturday’s as an alternative or even Friday evenings. Maybe more in the summer heat? Maybe less during football season?
We will play NMJL rules which means tournament rules will be enforced. Experienced players only so that the games are fast-paced but not stressful. Must have a card. I can furnish the sets.
I can host two tables. No bettors. Pie will be decided by the members.

If you are interested in learning to play, let me know. I’ve taught before and would love to get a small group of newbies playing! We could keep the newbies separate until they are ready to play with confidence!

What a great time to get set with the new 2019 card which will be arriving next month!

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Learn to play Mah Jongg - American/NMJL style

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Have you ever wanted to learn to Play mah Jongg? Not the computer matching game but the real tile game? Come join us as I teach a beginners class! This ain’t your grandmother’s game! Curious? Check out this video! https://youtu.be/PmFG5X_EdFY https://youtu.be/ztH8wSv2fIQ I’ll be teaching at my house. I will furnish my address to the attendees. I live near the CoCo’s at 98th and Bell. I will have everything you need to get started!

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Mahj with 2019 card DATE CHANGE

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