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Book group, discussion group and support group for those who are drawn to the writings of Pema Chodron, Eckhart Tolle, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Thich Nhat Hahn and others – who want to learn, discuss and encourage each other to increase our understanding of the principles and techniques addressed in these writings, and how to best put them into practice, both in learning to deal with our own fears, anger, anxiety, and stress as well as our desire to ultimately make a positive contribution to the world. To include topics such as: the practice of self-awareness and our relationship with ourselves, including self-compassion; our relationships with individual others; the mind-body connection; the practice of spirituality/ethics/compassion; our relations with the community, society and the world.

Whether you feel drawn to Eastern/Buddhist philosophies or the Westernized approach of mindfulness and compassion, this is a place to meet like-minded others for discussion and support. This is not a meditation group. It’s a process of exploring ideas and learning better ways to live in this world -- i.e. a mindfulness journey. Like most introverts, I find that I don’t seem to do particularly well with Meetups that focus on “small talk and chit-chat” (although that has its place) -- I prefer to discuss things that really matter, like how to survive in a world that seems more divided (and sadly more hateful) every day. I want to meet others who care about kindness and compassion, and who care about working on the “person in the mirror” to “become the change we want to see” in the world. To be kinder to ourselves and others, or put another way: “To decrease suffering in myself and others, to increase joy in myself and others”. Will be happy to meet even one other person with these goals, but am hoping to find a sangha (community) of those who are interested in taking a journey towards greater enlightenment, understanding, joy and kindness.

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