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Round Robin Listening and Critique Workshop-7 Member Limit
Please bring your best material, either live on guitar or piano or vocal or on CD. It will be Round Robin style, near the PA or sound system for best fidelity. All styles of music are welcome. Donations for meetup cost and utilities are welcome but not required.

West Valley Music Producer's Coop/Al's Place

5017 N 62nd Avenue · Glendale, az

Respond by: 12/19/2018

What we're about

WholeLIfe Music is seeking founding and sustaining members to form a true music co-op, to benefit its members. We have a great space in Glendale which houses a recording studio, rehearsal space, is setup for live and studio recording and has the capability of doing small shows, as well as music videos. Currently we are using either Pro Tools 2018 or Studio One, on a fast IMAC, with a vintage mixer. We have plenty of microphones, a Quantum Interface, some vintage pres and lots of plug-ins, along with drums, PA, LP, keyboards, guitars and much more. We have plenty of room to grow. And hopefully members have some resources that they can bring to the network.
The goals for the Co-op will be as follows:
• Form a brother/sisterhood of musicians that can interface with each other for production and mutual benefits;
• To have an affordable place to complete professional music production, including great drums recording and mixing, vocals, and live bands
• Produce and market commercial music to the new burgeoning commercial music markets of streaming TV, movies, cinema, the web, and much more
• Create new musical acts, and interface with the new venue that the WholeLife Community has planned the fall
• Have tons of instructional classes in Daws, Recording, Keyboards, Music Production, Music Software, Plug-ins, etc.
• To form teams of songwriters and producers; to be able for musicians to explore different genres of production
• To operate an ongoing production company and label, owned by members, with the writers and producers receiving their fair, equitable compensation;
• To create a social media presence.
• Membership created goals.

The first founding members meeting will be on Saturday, August 18th at 1PM. Regular meetings will be held weekly at that time, in addition to any scheduled events that the membership is interested in creating. Our primary need right now are folks interested in engineering, developing and creating the optimum space, and those interested in making a serious effort in our development. Although we have the space and the resources, there is still some organizational and physical plant work and possibly minor construction that is needed to make the space workable for the Co-op. If you have any questions, feel free to call Alan at: 602-477-9562.

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