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Mantra Meditation and Transmission Circles are primarily for Women (unless stated otherwise)
We meet and Meditate together using Mantra's to deepen our experience of Meditation and to allow for healing to happen.
We also use a specific method, we sit in a Circle and a number of Sisters sit in the middle alternating to 'receive' from the rest of us.

"We meet as Sisters to Meditate together...we sing Mantra's, we hold each other...we allow...

This Work, these methods and tools are so much suited to Hypersensitive Women.

This afternoon (having run a Circle) I was again reminded how isolating it can be when we feel there is 'something wrong with us' because we are not having the experiences others are having...

And yet our higher level of sensitivity actually means we're capable of Meditating more deeply and progressing more quickly than others...once we have the right tools and methods which are powerful enough to work with the level of sensitivity we have.

(Further posts on Hypersensitivity in Women and the way I work with women can be found on my Mantra Transmission and Meditation with Shahida page on faebook)

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