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Currently NOT Accepting students. We accept serious minded students interested in British Traditional Wicca for Wicca 101, specifically Gardnerian Tradition. There will be a minimum of a year and a day study before the possibility of initiation. There is quite a bit of reading as well as experiential guidance. We concentrate on the God and Goddess via an earth base religion, as well as positive and negative with a balance in life and the universe. This path is not a different way of doing magick, but a change in lifestyle and mentality. We currently will be meeting on-line for safety

Class topics include:
Grounding and energy work
Ritual Structure
Ritual Etiquette
Ritual Tools
Altar Preparation

You must be willing to accept the serious commitment that following this path and its teachings require.

Classes are held weekly. Currently on Tuedays 7:15 to 9:15PM. Attendance of class is important as is attendance for the 8 sabbats once we are gathering in groups again.

We are open to meeting up with other Witches and Pagans in a public place for coffee/drinks and conversation. If after reading the above description and requirements you are seriously interested in following the path of the wise, please PM an administrator with a letter of introduction via meetup.

This link leads to a more detailed description of Gardnerianism:

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