Paddle Around Little Neck In Ipswich

Location image of event venue


I'm reposting this from last year (organized by RENEE) since I missed it then and would LOVE to do this paddle.

(Last year's post from Renee): I'm dying to explore this area so I've placed an order for good weather, low wind, sunny late summer scenery, and rustic salt marsh landscape. I have recently fallen in love with Ipswich. If you've never been to Little Neck it is worth the drive and the adventure.

Parking is free at Pavilion Beach in Ipswich (from downtown Ipswich, follow Jeffrey's Neck Road to Little Neck Road) Parking will be on your left just as you get to the peninsula that is apparently known as Little Neck. The plan is to paddle around Little Neck to the inner salt marsh and hug the peninsula. Depending on my stamina, people's energy, (etc. etc.) there may be an option to continue and loop back around. I will open this paddle up to kayakers, so if it is also possible that a second group could loop back around and a first group can shore up and abort ship. I have a wetsuit and I'm not sure how the water temps will be; if you are a SUP person and it's chilly out you may want to take this into consideration. Bad weather cancels.

We can reconvene for lunch at Ipswich Ale Brewery when we finish if people are interested.

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