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The North Coast 500 (WCV) Year 3

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• What we'll do

Confirmed Details:

I've been talking to Alan, and well we are considering taking another team back for a 3rd NC500 over 5 Days. Going clockwise this is the finest experience in Scotland, and a true epic. This is a guided run, staying in hostels and we have car support for your kit, with a contribution going to Alan to cover his time and fuel cost.

We start Saturday 8am, after arriving in Inverness, friday night staying at the SYHA.

Day 1 (SAT)
110 Miles +7941ft / -6,500ft (New Addition to NC500 to include Eilean Donan Castle towards the Bealach na Ba)

Staying SYHA Applecross

Day 2 - (SUN)
119.4 mi +8625 ft / -8733 ft
Staying at various acc in Ullapool. SYHA

Day 3 - (MON)
89.9 mi +7410 ft / -7319 ft
Staying at Durness Hostel http://www.visitdurness.com/bunkhouse/

Day 4 - (TUES)
107.5 mi +6413 ft / -6517 ft
Staying in Wick (Acc TBA)

Day 5- (WED)
114.5m / 5,100ft

People can jump on/and off this as they wish to make it a bit longer.

• What to bring

Mechanically sound bike, and stuff for a full day out. Our rides are open to all abilities so while it is desirable to ride as a group where we can, some of our larger and longer rides will inevitably become spread out. When this happens you are asked to ride always with the rider behind you in view. If you come to a staight and can't see the rider behind, slow. If you don't see them on the next straight, stop. This helps keep everyone together should mechanicals happen, We wait as a group.
Some other things to consider: -It is safer to ride two abreast on carriageways with fast moving traffic. NEVER ride more than two abreast. Hold your line in a group. Dont half-wheel. Indicate if moving out of your line. Announce your presence when overtaking with “on your right”. Kill your speed on shared use paths to show consideration for their other users. Obstacles - while it is not necessary to point out every single pothole in the city, a large unexpected obstacle should be announced if the riders behind you are close enough to you that they wont see it coming. Either by pointing or shouting “hole” “glass” “side” “bollard” “rhubarb” etc. It is never a good idea to filter to the front of traffic lights if riding in a large group. There wont be room for everyone in the advanced stop box and some riders will be left in motorists blind spots at traffic lights. Wait behind the last car in the queue. An easy way to look at it is that if you are riding as a group, you basically act like a car. Go where a car goes.

• Important to know

Rides may very occasionally be withdrawn due to adverse weather. Cancellations will be announced on the meetup if this is the case so if you are unsure whether it will go ahead please check the meetup page before heading out. Please update your RSVP accordingly if you are unable to attend.

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