Evening Ride to Houston (Chain-gang Challenge and Beer)

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Bells Bridge

Premier Inn Glasgow pacific Quay Pacific Quay · Glasgow

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Outside Premier Inn at Bells Bridge.

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Looking good for a Thursday evening belt around Renfrewshire. Forecast is dry with a tailwind back from Houston. I’ll keep an eye on the forecast and hope the rain due on early hours of Friday doesn’t arrive early. If it does, I’ll likely cancel.

A flat 30 miler out to Houston and back for a few beers at - The Big Slope, 36A Kelvingrove St, Glasgow G3 7SA

Meet 6:30 at Bells Bridge. Out to Bishopton, Round Formakin, Houston and back to Glasgow via Georgetown and Renfrew. A fairly brisk ride, where you should be happy riding in a close group at pace, or if not, draft the group at a distance you are comfortable with. Regrouping here and there as required, usually after a couple of lumpy bits around Bishopton.

Pub only segment - about 8:30pm onwards.

Distance - 30 miles
Pace - Flat Route, a brisk pace, so 15-18mph AVERAGE. Generally sitting at 18-22mph on the long flat stretches.
Climbing - 900ft

Route - https://www.strava.com/activities/2524196132

• IMPORTANT - What to bring

*** Cash for Beer***
***Lights, you might be going home in the dark***

Mechanically sound bike, and stuff for a full day out. Our rides are open to all abilities so while it is desirable to ride as a group where we can, some of our larger and longer rides will inevitably become spread out. When this happens you are asked to ride always with the rider behind you in view. If you come to a staight and can't see the rider behind, slow. If you don't see them on the next straight, stop. This helps keep everyone together should mechanicals happen, We wait as a group.
Some other things to consider: -It is safer to ride two abreast on carriageways with fast moving traffic. NEVER ride more than two abreast. Hold your line in a group. Dont half-wheel. Indicate if moving out of your line. Announce your presence when overtaking with “on your right”. Kill your speed on shared use paths to show consideration for their other users. Obstacles - while it is not necessary to point out every single pothole in the city, a large unexpected obstacle should be announced if the riders behind you are close enough to you that they wont see it coming. Either by pointing or shouting “hole” “glass” “side” “bollard” “rhubarb” etc. It is never a good idea to filter to the front of traffic lights if riding in a large group. There wont be room for everyone in the advanced stop box and some riders will be left in motorists blind spots at traffic lights. Wait behind the last car in the queue. An easy way to look at it is that if you are riding as a group, you basically act like a car. Go where a car goes.

Rides may very occasionally be withdrawn due to adverse weather. Cancellations will be announced on the meetup if this is the case so if you are unsure whether it will go ahead please check the meetup page before heading out. Please update your RSVP accordingly if you are unable to attend.

David Elliott[masked]