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Elthos RPG - Experimental One Die Six System

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We are play testing Elthos RPG and heading into Campaign 2. It's my homebrew system distilled down into medium-weight mechanics that has pretty much all of the standard Traditional RPG tropes; Requisites, Levels, Classes, Hits, Races, Spells & Miracles, etc., all on sesame seed bun with special sauce. :)

The story has been kinda part fairytale, and part Arthurian myth... I'm writing out the adventures as we go in a kind of prose story form and you can catch up with what's going on by following the links here:

We are looking for reliable, reasonably mature players to join the play test. Anyone who is open to a medium-weight system that still hangs in there as a retro-traditional RPG, more or less focused on the Role Playing and Story aspect of the game ... you're most welcome!

We usually play until 10pm or so.