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Elthos RPG - Experimental One Die Six System

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The[masked] Play Test was a fabulous game and successful play test of the Elthos RPG. Many tremendous thanks to Chris, Sam and Charles for their consistant excellence at the game table, and the great feedback they provided.

I'm leaving this slot open for the bi-monthly meeting for any sort of get togethers related to Elthos while I pause the Play Testing for a big old round of finalization and polishing of the system.

The story has been kinda part fairytale, and part Arthurian myth... I'm writing out the adventures as we go in a kind of prose story form and you can catch up with what's going on by following the links here:

Elthos Game Test Stories

Anyone who is open to a medium-weight system and enjoys retro-traditional RPGing, more or less focused on the Role Playing and Story aspect of the game ... you're most welcome!

I will be starting another game in the summer of 2013. In the meantime I'm looking for a few GMs who may be interested in trying out the system and providing feedback. Thanks!