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Pathfinder Tower Escape Part 8

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The Things from Beyond swarmed our stalwart adventurers, kicked their butts, and then disappeared as quickly as they had appeared. For all their skill and knowledge, they could only figure out what the things weren't. Which is helpful in the long run, but no so much in the short run...

They were directed to the library of Bartleby, the local wizard, whose vast storehouses of knowledge were of almost no help. But then, Lomion remembered something important.

Great place to join in if you wish, or join back in if you can.

If you are new, please come at 1 with a character concept (skills, feats, class, race, etc.) If it is unusual, please contact me ahead of time to discuss, but don't feel bound to the traditional humanoids. At all. Why doesn't anybody want to be a dragon wyrmling?...