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Pineapples & Politics(D&D v3.5 campaign)


Group is full.

-Generally I play by the rules...

-I'm setting a start date, but its subject to change based on the people that are interested.

-Game will be held at 3rd Universe in Croton-on-Hudson.

-Combat & battle grid focused.

-Mechanics focused.

-STORY: A slaver drags people from there peaceful homes to a metropolis. The city-state is a political disaster because of various organizations of alignment and power. The victims suffer from the conflicts, deceits, and fighting from all sides. Will the players take a side with the government, the thieves guild, or another organization? Will the players use these organizations for self benefit and create their own way through the world?

-TRAILER: ~A humanoid wearing black leather sits in a throne like chair. Half of his face is covered by a red mask, the other side consists of a dark cloudy shadow suspended in time. The eye surrounded by shadow glows bright red-no pupil, no white, just a red shape for an eye. The other eye is white with a black pupil. The room he sits in is pitch black. Several figures of various sizes stand before him, but in your vision you cannot make out what type of creatures they are. "Initiate plan B... and sabotage those that just escaped from the arena". The attuned figures leave the humanoid to his thoughts…

~A governor sits examining his maps, and squad layouts. Several candelabras each holding sixteen candles hang around the room. The captain of the guards, head disciple of Pelor, and a barbaric human stand nearby, not daring to speak a word since the governor’s uproar. “Find the leader of the arena fugitive, I need that arena under my control. Send spies out to the blockade ships, we need to find a weakness. If you can’t find those grave-robbers, I will have to exclude the temple from my financial support. Don’t come back until my gates have been stormed or your tasks have been completed!”. The three commanders silently exit the room. The governor walks to the window, eyeing the mighty moon. A hand reaches down from the table, takes a piece of parchment, and places a new piece of parchment down. The governor turns around, not noticing the exchange…

~A pineapple floats to shore. The miner watches the strange object float toward him. He grabs the odd object and runs off to show his friends. Little does he know how popular it will become in the marketplace…(according to yahoo answers, pineapples float)

~~GM Merit Badges~~

-My games will tell an interesting story.

-Characters in my games are Destined for greatness, not random death.

-Players in my game should be prepared to Run when the odds are against them

-I will Mirror back player ideas I think are interesting in the game

-My games use a pre-made Map and pre scripted content

-I play By-The-Book and "rule-zero" is not being used to alter existing rules

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