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Elthos RPG - Experimental One Die Six System

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The 2013 Play Test will involve other GMs using the Elthos RPG ODS rules and website to run their games.

Chris ran a Kick-Ass style semi-super heroes world with masked, and half crazed vigilantes taking on crime in Metropolis. It was awesome!

Charles is running a new world as a first time GM using Elthos. His World concept is called Western Knights and asks the question: What if Britain had not lost world dominance, and the Chivalric System had remained, even through the late 1800's in the Wild West? Hmmm...we are soon to find out!

Charles has asked to limit the players to the current set, so for this game test we are not accepting new players who were not at the first game. If you are interested in future Game Tests of the Elthos RPG just shoot me an email.