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Elthos RPG (Experimental) - Yellow Clay Village Campaign

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It's been 3 years since the old gang fought the Five Animals, The Time Beast, and rescued Hermel's sister and Yellow Clay Village from Black Patch's Brigands. They've spent their time happily farming and raising families, selling umbrellas, starting the Rockafella Sulfur mine outside of town, and enjoying the growing prosperity of Yellow Clay (

But as always, things change. The growing prosperity has come at a cost. The peaceful rural life that Hermel so loved has been increasingly disrupted by strangers bringing brawls, theft, and now perhaps even murder. The town council has been unable to stem the tide of troubles, even as the Treasury's coffers have been filling up with gold. The Rockafella Sulfur Mine seems to have become both a blessing and a curse to the town.

Furthermore recently rumors have it that strange sounds (howlings?) are being heard at night from across the Wild Moors to the west. Worse yet, several children have vanished in the dead of night ... whisked away from their beds while their hard working parents slept. A crowd gathers at the Emergency Meeting of Town Council eager to hear what is to be done!

Elthos RPG is an experimental RPG utilizing light-weight mechanics for fast story-oriented play. We have a couple of open seats for new Players. The previous Game Test Stories ( will give you some idea of the nature of the Elthos World, and what kind of adventures one might expect in it. You're welcome to join in the fun while seats remain open. To inquire just send me an email and I'll respond asap!

:) Mark