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Our goal is to create next-level enthusiasm to enrich women with innovative and informative resources and concepts so we can then celebrate success while embracing the perpetual business challenges entrepreneurs face.

Networking is magical when it comes to the power of making connections, creating opportunities and cultivating relationships. Wouldn't you agree?

While the phone is also magical to make those opportunities and relationships happen, an entrepreneur knows that they can’t sit by the phone and wait for it to ring. We have to make it ring. Or, as some say “make it rain”! Sometimes, we have to get up and actually walk out of our office to make that happen.

Ok, soooo, you're probably wondering....WHY another women's networking group?
Because there is a lot of talent out therein this big, bad business world and sometimes the timing precludes us from being in two places at once.


Let your ambition be contagious and let your business owner counterparts and colleagues know because you never know who you will meet and when that next awesome opportunity will come.

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