Price: $15.00 /per person

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Electric Run™ is a 5k run, a show, participation art, and celebration of life. Incredibly talented artists and lighting technicians with experience creating beautiful art and light have come together to create a world that will fill you with wonder.

Each course will have 5-10 distinct lighting experiences which will include different artistic elements and different moods. Some will be very energetic others will be more etherial. Our in-house DJs will be working with our Art and Lighting Directors to create custom mixes that work with the visual mood in each world.

Each event is unique. Depending on the event you participate in you may experience many of the following: Glowing neon trees changing colors to match the music Tunnels with dancing patterns and figures on the walls, ceilings, and floors Lakes and rivers glowing in other-worldly hues Tunnels of light created by a rainbow of lasers Glowing arches and columns Neon saguaro cactus Red rock cliffs glowing in psychedelic colors and patterns Glowing arches changing color in tempo Colored fountains dancing to the beat Entire buildings lit so brightly that they can be seen from space And so much more. Let's get out there and capture some of this unique Art with our cameras!

This is a great place to Learn & Practice Night Shooting & possibly some Light Painting!

Need min of 3 members for this to be a go!

Bring Tripod!!!! Glow sticks if you have some- I will bring extras in case!

Will take place in Hartford, CT-address to follow soon! We will meet a little before they start so we can find a place to stand and go over camera settings!