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Azure WebApps and WebJobs by Jason Haley

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Azure Web Apps and WebJobs

Are you writing web sites? Do they need any background processing? ... are you using Azure Web Apps and/or webjobs? If not, you should come to this meetup and get an overview of what is now called Web Apps in Azure.

I'll spend around half the time showing Web Apps and the different things you can do with the new Azure portal. The second half will be focusing on WebJobs (what they are and how you can use them).


Jason is an independent software consultant living in Salem, MA. For the past for five years, he’s focused on Azure as a platform for applications and Single Page Applications for providing the technical solutions. He also helps out with several user groups/meetups in the Boston area (North Boston Azure, DevBoston, .Net Architecture Group and Boston Azure).

67 Hunt Street · Agawam, MA