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We are in the process of drawing up the business plan for an Un-Retirement Community and Retreat Center on the Western Slope.
This Meetup group is for anyone who is nearing or at conventional retirement age who sees 55+ as the beginning of the best part of their life, not the start of a gradual decline into fragility, ill health, and diminished mental capacity.
We envision the Un-Retirement Community to have both conventional housing and alternatives (tiny houses, yurts, straw bale homes, etc.); organic, sustainable, permaculture gardens; a large workshop space; yoga/meditation hall; saltwater pool; library/media center; art and music studios; a large kitchen and dining area to accommodate groups; all common areas to be ADA-compliant.
This spirit- and service-oriented community will be a model development to put into practice ideas found in the works of Ellen Langer, Joe Dispenza, Deepak Chopra and others regarding the mind-body connection and our ability to defy commonly held "truths" about the aging process. We are encouraging research to investigate the effects on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health of elders living together in a mindful, creative, active community (as opposed to traditional retirement or nursing homes).
If you would like to be part of the ongoing discussion and planning process for un-retirement (whether you have interest in this community or not), please join us.

***NOTE: Even though this community will be oriented to developing programs and services primarily for the Baby Boomer generation, we by no means want to exclude younger people.

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