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This is for folks who want:

1. That special feeling of reviving the music of the Beatles, based on the Beatles Complete Chord Song Book (link below). You don't have to play guitar -- you may just sing, if you like, but playing raises one's enjoyment level. You can get away with just a cowbell or a tamborine -- or with just listening. If there are any bassists out there, just raise your hand. Paul McCartney on bass -- one of the very best.

2. To be in a band, but can't find the time. We'll meet on weekend afternoons, maybe monthly, in one of those spacious bars in Huntington. (Location not settled yet.) You have no commitment to the meetup except to have fun if you can attend. (You probably will. I have gone to Maria's meetup at Fish Bar on the East Side, for a few years, but it's gotten far too crowded.)

3. To recreate the glow the Beatles (and other groups) shed on a troubled world. We're not just Beatles, but the book brings everyone together in the same key on the same page. The music of the Beatles is predominately vocal music so any music with major vocal component will fit in.

4. To participate. There is no audition or minimum skill level. If you can't reach the note, don't sing it; if you don't know the chord, learn it for next time. My experience with the city meetup is that once word gets out, the skill level attracted will spiral upwards.

( https://www.amazon.com/Beatles-Complete-Chord-Songbook/dp/0634022296/ref=sr_1_1?crid=3BI8Y3IMAB42S&keywords=the+beatles+complete+chord+songbook&qid=1553556328&s=gateway&sprefix=the+Beatles+complete+%2Caps%2C143&sr=8-1 )

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