• Meetup on The Orient Express Paris, Venice, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Istanbul!!

    Salt Lake City International Airport

    First of all I know this is not a backpack or camping. But is sure is one long amazing trek. And this group is filled with travelers of more than just local. This event is organized from scratch personally by the group owners/organizers. The Orient Express, . . . you have heard it many times. The romance, the mystery, the adventure!! Of course with the opulence too! This trip brings back the romance and adventure of train travel, along with the mystery of new cities and countries. Brought back in a special way; adding value and removing inflated expense of excessive opulence by replacing it with service and contemporary refinement. The journey will mirror elements of the original Orient Express route and go from Paris to Istanbul. You will visit Paris, Venice, Vienna, Prague, Budapest and Istanbul. The trip starts in Paris and has a full two days there. Also staying two full days in Vienna, 1 3/4 days in Budapest, with full days in Venice, Prague, and Istanbul. Included Guided Tours in each city, with at least one meal a day and a wine tasting also included! Included additionally are many other options and extras. We travel as a group, and also have the flexibility of hop-on, hop-off tours and museum passes with "skip the line" option so you enjoy a complete independence. You are free to do your own thing, cater to your special interests, visit other sights and locations in the cities. You can do it independently, or you can join new friends traveling with you, and do it together. The idea is come alone, meet new like-minded people and make lifelong memories...without being stuck with the "one size fits all" tour formula. Here is a basic thumbnail: ** Paris for two full days. * Night Train Paris to Venice **Venice for a full day * Night Train Venice to Vienna **Vienna for two full days * Night Train Vienna to Prague ** Prague for a full day * Night Train Prague to Budapest ** Budapest for two (almost full) days * Late flight Budapest to Istanbul ** Istanbul for full day. * Hotels nights in Paris, Vienna, Budapest and Istanbul What was The Orient Express? The Orient Express was long-distance passenger train service that began in 1883 with the original endpoints being Paris to Istanbul. In Istanbul the Pera Palace Hotel was built in 1892 as the accommodations at the terminus. And we are staying in it!!! Although the original name became synonymous with intrigue and was a showcase of luxury with comfort at a time when traveling was still rough and dangerous. The route changed many times, and was eventually shortened. By 2007 The Orient Express was only Paris to Strasbourg, and in 2009 stopped service altogether. With the train cars being updated all along they way too. So the real Orient Express is but a memory. There is a price for opulent luxury, . . . and we are not paying it. With this trip, we visit more cities, with guided tours included in each, a meal a day, as well as all transfers and hotels with concierge quality service. Give in to the lure of the rails with adventure, tempered with value resulting in memories of a lifetime. EVERY aspect of this trip is epic. Visit picturesque and storied cities. Enjoy four night trains and experience the enchantment of the rails. We are even staying in the original destination of Pera Palace Hotel in Istanbul with it's grandeur and opulence. All the details are taken care of so all you have to do is join in & revel in the magic of all the places we are traveling to. In the end you will have visited 6 countries: France, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary and Turkey! Includes: all trains all accommodations all train cabins all transfers guided tours in each city a meal a day and more The only way to secure your spot is a $500 deposit. $500 deposit plus the $2,790 final payment = $3,290 total cost. Limited capacity of 24 total. This trip will fill up extremely quickly. Eight spots already filled. Live the adventure instead of only dreaming it !!!

  • Labor Day Weekend: Grand Canyon Rim To Rim (R2R) OR Camping at Mather

    Grand Canyon National Park

    Yes. It's almost Christmas and New Years and who is thinking of Labor Day Weekend You are. It's time to give yourself a gift AND to fulfill your New Years Resolution AND to get this off your bucket list. This is a multi-faceted event going to The Grand Canyon with several options. Option 1: (the hard version) Rim to Rim with Camping at Mather OR Hiking to The River from the South Rim and back. Option 2: Camping at Mather with smaller hikes and only partial canyon (the easy version) Option 3: Staying at Grand Canyon hotels and spending the time seeing the sights and the vista points and interpretative centers. (The easy easy version. Or the "tour" type version) We have a group site secured at The Rim (called Mather Campground). And we have the site for Fri, Sat, and Sunday eve. You can spend 1, 2 or 3 nights there depending upon when you can arrive and when you need to depart (if you have the Monday off or not). RSVP here if you are interested in Option 1, 2 or 3. Option 1 will be an R2R if there are enough who want to. It takes several to do it safety. If there are not enough to do Rim to Rim we will either do a touch-back hike to the river via the main trails or a night at the river with a permit at Hermit Rapids. Grand Canyon is about the same elevation change and pitch as Whitney so a one day is very doable. And logically better due to issues unique to Grand Canyon and temperature changes as you descend into and out of the canyon. Timing and preparation is very important. This doable and you will be guided and led to stay and maintain safety. Option 2 is a great way to have a weekend away and have moderate hiking that matches your fitness level. Option 3 is for those who prefer a bed and wish to have a more easy time of it. COSTS: Option 1: (R2R or River) $180 Option 2: (Mather Only) $120 Option 3: Price will vary based upon when hotel is booked, and if single our double occupancy. You pay only actual costs. Hotels go up as dates get closer. Message for details Event is limited to 20 Max of Option 1 and 2 combined. A wait list will start once filled. And this will indeed fill!!! Terms: Payment is the only way to secure your spot. Secure your spot now!!! Payment is Fully Refundable up to 3 weeks before the event. Under 3 weeks and credit given for future event. And efforts will be made at a replacement from the wait-list. If a person fills your place before the trip leaves you will be refunded instead of a credit. Option 1: https://paypal.me/ExposedCalifornia/180 Option 2: https://paypal.me/ExposedCalifornia/120 Option 3: Message for hotel options GETTING THERE: Will do Carpool matching as best as possible.

  • *Camping Labor Day Weekend: Big Pine Lakes!!! Fishing, Glaciers, Roaring Rivers

    Yes. It is a 7 1/2 hr drive. It's worth it. First of all, . .Big Pine Lakes is an amazing hidden gem. The water is a crazy hue. The Minarets rising above are stunning. There are amazing places on the way there and nearby as side trips. Such as the Anceint Bristlecone Forest, Mansanar, Alabama Hills, Fossil Falls or Red Rock Canyon (Cantil). There is no fee to enter compared to National Parks like Sequoia ($35 per car) Even with that: You don't see trips often to Big Pine Lakes. This is because area is only open from May to October. The snow is thick even into May and in Oct the nights are below freezing. With such a small window sites are super hard to get. Especially for holiday weekends. AND WE HAVE A GROUP SITE FOR LABOR DAY WEEKEND!!!!!! Our site is amazing. Tons of conveniences. There is a small cafe that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, and a small general store with a few necessities for if you need them. Many of the sites have electrical at the site or close by. Same goes for water. Restrooms are close. Space for cars, and an overflow lots near. Best of all . . . There is a Fish Pond!!!!! Stocked with trout. You can even catch dinner. The fish pond is free!!! For fishing you will need to buy (AND HAVE WITH YOU) a fishing licence before you go. They do rent poles at the general store and have bait too. Tons of shade from mature pines for many of the sites We are steps away from the trail-head AND steps away from the roaring glacier fed Big Pine Creek. Drive Time to the site from LA is less time than it takes to get to sites in Sequoia. The site is located at 7,800 ft so it's cooler. For Sequoia is super hot this time of year. For example Canyon View Campground in Kings Canyon/Sequoia is at 4500 ft or so. Super toasty!! You only need the basics of camping gear. You will revive a packing and equipment list recommendations . UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE Sadly the event filled. The Payment links are removed. I know, .. . Big Sadness. Read on to find out how NOT to have this happen again!! It was initially limit of 25. We were able to increase our site to 60. And it still filled!!! This event was only posted only about a week ago!!! What is means is yes: this is an awesome place, and yes . . . we aim to run great events at event better places. We will be going back Big Pine Lakes July 4th next year. We may even before then. All of our events are rather top notch. We put a lot of effort into them to make them special and standout. Here are some that are upcoming (camping/hiking) events of ours. These are on the calendar not announced. So there is definitely space. Like this event and all of ours .. .they will fill too. OCT 4 (Fri) Mt Whitney (training) Camping at Whitney Portal. Lone Pine Lake https://tr.im/Whitney OCT 18 (Fri) Salton Sea Adventure, Ladder Cyn, Mud Volcanoes, Salvation https://tr.im/SaltonSea NOV 8 (Fri) Veterans Day Weekend, . . . Camping!!! El Capitan State Beach https://tr.im/ElCapitanStateBeach Nov 14 Wine Camp!!!!! Wine, Cider Mead tasting . . . AND camping!!! Jullian https://tr.im/WineCamping NOV 22 (Fri) The REAL "Bridge to Nowhere" hike!!!! Goat Canyon Trestle Bridge https://www.meetup.com/IWantToDoThat/events/263050795/ NOV 29 (Fri) Red Rock Cyn and Fossil Falls https://tr.im/RedRockCanyon DEC 13 (Fri) Awesome Camping & Road trip! Robolights, The Slot https://tr.im/TheSlot JAN 24 (Fri) Pisgah Crater, Lava Tubes, Kelso Dunes, Marble Mine, and Trilobites!!!!!!! https://tr.im/KelsoDunes MAY 8 (Fri) Sequoia National Park AND Class IV+ Rafting!! Camping, Nature, Hiking https://tr.im/SequoiaAndRafting MAY 22 (Fri) Yosemite over Memorial Day. Gotta Go CAMPING!! https://tr.im/YosemiteMemorialDayWeekend

  • Mount Whitney June 21st Yes. You read that correctly!! Your Bucket List awaits

    This is on your bucket list. So it's time to do it!! THIS event is for those wishing to HIKE UP WHITNEY. We entered the Lottery for permits and received 15. Yaaaayyy!!!! Our permit is for Fri June 21st. This trip is not for speed. And not meant to push hard. It is meant to give the least stress and least likely to have altitude sickness occur. Safety is the main priority. The Plan: Arrive Thurs June 20th in the evening. Fri Early Early Early AM up the hill. (or even at 11PM on Thurs) For a Dayhike, . . . 7 to 8 hours is considered moderate time for full summit and decent, with 10 hours considered slower. Or even 12 This is intended as Whitney for regular people. Some level of fitness will be required though. So you need to be fit but not a total backpacker or hiker. We will go slow and easy. Nobody is left behind. And if there are issues still . . nobody is left behind. If one person can not continue people will accompany them down the hill. This is not a fend for yourself hike or a fend for yourself group. This is for fun and community. Not for bragging rights. At this time of year there will still be snow at the upper elevations. Whitney is a place that is on everybody's bucket list. Let's have some stats: Whitney is the tallest location in the Continental US. Summit 14,505 Trail-head is 8,374 Total elevation change 6,131 ft (a mile is 5280 ft) Total distance 22 miles. That's 11 miles uphill in. And 11 miles back out. We will have a group campsite in Whitney Portal Campground for when we come down. It is booked from Friday, Sat and Sun night. Cost: $180.00 This event requires a significant amount of planning, leading and execution. And prepayment of campsites and etc. Yes. Our normal campsite events run about $75 for 2 night and $85 for 3 night. This event is substantially more rare and more difficult to arrange and coordinate. If you do not wish the opportunity to join our group for this reason you do have the option to pass. Terms: Your RSVP shows "interest" in the event. ONLY payment will secure your spot. To Secure your place: https://paypal.me/IWantToDoThat/180 or Venmo to @IWantToDoThat Space is limited. So do NOT delay. Refunds: Refunds will be given up to Two (2) Weeks before the event start date. Less than two weeks refunds will be given only if a replacement is found from the wait list. Equipment and Food: You will be responsible to bring your own gear and food however much guidance will be given on what is needed and how to prepare. Liability: We are a group of friends. This is being led as a collaborative effort. In the end you will be responsible for yourself. Guarantees: There is no guarantee you will summit on this trip. You will have the opportunity to. If safety concerns override: you will not summit. Make good choices!!! This event is not a "summit at all costs" event. This event is challenging yourself to your limits but NOT beyond them. We will all work together to be safe. Carpools: Yes. We will try an do that. Carpool matrix will go out one week before the event. Q: I don't have hardcore outdoor mountaineer type ultra lightweight gear. A: You do not need super pro gear. You just need to be prepared. Packing and equipment, and what food to bring coaching will be given. Q: What about food and cooking? A: We will have only prepared or non-heating needed food. So there will be no stove or fuel needed for add'l weight. Lots of bars, and jerky and etc. So High Carb, and High Fat, and High Protein food will be carried. Q: Can this be done as an overnight instead of Day Hike? A: Message me about that. Finer details: If you see lots of RSVP's this does not mean all have paid. When it fills Payment Links will be removed. This will be without warning and all unpaid rsvp's will then be moved to wait list. After Payment: discussion will be had as to your fitness level. Less fit persons are OK. There is possibility of not summiting

  • Whitney Camping Tues 18 to Sat 22 w/ Hike Fri 21 2 AM

    Whitney Portal Campground

    This a fine tuned post indicating the camping associated with doing Whitney. Camping at Whitney Portal for the nights of Tues 18th, Wed 19th, Thurs 20th, and Fri 21st. breaking camp & departing on 22nd. WITH attempting Whitney Trail on Friday 21st at 2 AM to Friday 11:59 PM. This will give you two to three nights to acclimatize. This will give you time to acclimatize at altitude. IF the payment link is still here. There is space. https://paypal.me/IWantToDoThat/180 Payment link removed when filled. Warning: Many who do Whitney on the first try do not make it. And that is OK. This event does make this accessible to you. So this can be your first try. There are a variety of reasons to not make it. All are very legit and totally OK. At this time of year a major reason may be footwear. Or lack thereof of correct foot-gear. From after Trail Camp we will encounter snow on the trail. I will be packed and trampled. Even so . . .if you are wearing footwear that gets wet or allows your feet to get wet . . . you will be very unhappy. That being said . . . you can get to Trail Camp with good footwear. To RENT gear. Elevation (in Lone Pine) https://sierraelevation.com/Rentals.html https://2footadventures.com/collections/mt-whitney-rental-gear Lone Pine Sporting Goods has rentals (760)[masked] (I have rented there before) The Whitney Portal Store (and hostel and hotel) does have gear too. https://www.facebook.com/WhitneyPortalStore/ The Store is located at the portal and in Lone Pine. Lone Pine at the Hostel is where the gear is) As you can see by current webcam http://www.whitneyzone.com/wc_notes.htm or here http://www.mountwhitneyforum.com (the webcam links are on the left) It just means we need to be prepared. Required 10 essentials (they may be more than 10) https://www.rei.com/learn/expert-advice/ten-essentials.html For this venture: 1 A Metal Whistle 2 emergency Mylar blanket 3 A Good Poncho (larger vinyl or waterproof fabric one) and 2 cheapie plastic ones). 4 water purification tablets First aid: including foot care and insect repellent (as needed) Knife: Headlamp: plus extra batteries Sun protection: sunglasses, sun-protective clothes and sunscreen Gloves Extra socks Extra food: Beyond the minimum expectation Extra water: Beyond the minimum expectation Extra clothes: Beyond the minimum expectation Fire: matches, lighter, tinder and/or stove Navigation: map, compass, altimeter, GPS device, personal locator beacon (PLB) or satellite messenger (in this case your phone does qualify as you will have service once you get above Lone Pine Lake) Why 2 or 3 or 4 AM start. The weather at the summit gets very unpredictable after noon. Working backwards . . . Leave at 2AM this gets you to 7 hours to get to Trail Crest. This leaves you traveling at 1 1/2 miles an hr. Food: you will bring a mix of high cal, high fat and high protein and high sugar foods. Nothing that needs cooking. Jerky. Protein bars, Power bars, Gummy bears, salami, cheese (or veg options of any of these). You are going to keep fueling yourself as you go. It is not going to be stop and eat meals. it's ongoing fuel. This is set up as a safe way to do this bucket list thing. If you are not able to make it that's OK. Many others will not also. And it's totally OK. Altitude Sickness? Yeah . . .it happens. Some people are just prone to it. Others have it happen from carrying too heavy of a load and exerting themselves too much. Or light load and going too fast and exerting too much too fast. Acclimatizing can help. Even so . . . over exerting is a big cause. Hence why we are doing as day hike and going lighter. Altitude sickness is not a problem if when it happens it is addressed (going back down). Problems happen when people who are having symptoms make bad choices and continue and then make more bad choices like getting dizzy in steep areas. This is why we are in a group. If there is an issue others (me) will help you make the right decision of not continuing.

  • BACKPACKING mid April- Bears Ears area Grand Gulch from Kane Cr to Bullet Canyon

    Grand Gulch is at the heart of the the Cedar Mesa - Bears Ears area in southeast Utah. Starting at Bullet Canyon we will take 3 days to walk about 23 miles through the canyon bottom then up Kane Gulch back to the highway. Along the way there will be many Ancestral Puebloan ruins and displays of rock art. Among the named ruins we will pass by include: Junction, Turkey Pen, Split Level. The trail is well worn but not formally maintained. Same goes for campsites. It has been a very wet winter so there should be a lot of pools and potholes with water that can be filtered for drinking and cooking. Everyone will be self-contained for camping, cooking, water filtration and personal waste disposal. As we get some folks committed to the trip, it may work out that some of us can share cooking gear, tent space, etc. Plan to rendezvous at the Kane Gulch Ranger Station when they open at 8AM on Friday. There is good camping about a mile from the ranger station. WE can post that information if anyone wants to camp (car camping) the night before we meet. Another option would be to spend the Thursday night in Blanding, 36 paved highway miles away (40 minutes drive time). Tanner has a B&B reserved for some trip participants. If you want in on that, contact him. For more information &/or details call or text Tanner Morrill[masked]

  • Thanksgiving 8th Annual Outdoor Feast, Hiking & More at Kodachrome State Park UT

    WSA will hold its 8th annual Outdoor Thanksgiving Feast & Weekend of Fun based in Utah's spectacular Kodachrome Basin State Park This is a lesser known but spectacular red rock area rich in hiking opportunities. Among other hiking destinations this weekend is Bryce Canyon Natl Park, less than 30 miles from our camp. Mark your calendar to join us Thursday November 22 and as many more days of the holiday weekend you want to stay (Wednesday evening Nov 21 - Sunday November 25). The general plan is to arrive Wednesday or early Thursday. Those who arrive early will do a Thursday morning hike. Thanksgiving dinner with turkey, dressing, cranberries, mashed potatoes, pies . . . and what-all those coming to the dinner opt to bring. We've done this many years and always come up with a delicious and diverse dinner. Plan to bring all (at least much of) the food you will want for the dinner and the weekend. Depending on who/ how large the group is, we may do some meal sharing throughout the weekend; at least with turkey-day leftovers. The town of Cannondale is a few miles away if you need a grocery store. Camping spaces can be reserved (we will look more into that detail) and tents as well as RV's, trailers all work. There are motel options in Cannonville and other towns in the area. If you want to 'motel it', make your reservation early. We usually have group campfires evening and morning so bring lots of firewood, campfire stories, makings for s'mores, fireside beverages and more. With all the hiking, driving tour options and canyon/ arch/ hoodoo exploration there will be activities that can satisfy everyone's quest for beauty, fun and adventure. There is plenty to do in the area besides Bryce... You'll pass through Capitol Reef NP on the way in - worth coming a day early to see - and don't forget the Cathedral Valley loop. And be sure to do the drive from Torrey to Boulder during the daytime - unless you are scared of heights - in that case wait til dark... If you can't stop at Capitol Reef, Calf Creek is a short walk to a beautiful falls. From Kodachrome its thirty miles to Escalante and Hole in the Rock Road - Coyote Gulch (a bucket list trip for sure) and Broken Bow Arch get a lot of attention, but several guide books have been written about places accessible from Hole in the Rock Rd. Closer to Kodachrome, just down the road apiece is Grosvenor Arch. Further south there's lots of BLM land to explore - Hackberry Canyon, further south, Vermillion Cliffs, and for the adventurous, brave the sandy road into White Pocket - don't forget your compressor to bring your tires back up after letting them down. Feeling lucky ? Forget Vegas - try to get a permit for "The Wave" in Kanab - lottery held for 10 permits daily - sometimes with 100 applicants. Drive times (from Google Maps): * Grand Junction to KBSP - 5 hours * Salt Lake City 4 1/2 hours * Las Vegas 4 hours * Denver 9 hours (drive Denver to GJ 1st travel day; continue 2nd day) Details on state parks webpage: https://stateparks.utah.gov/parks/kodachrome-basin/ Overview Videos: https://stateparks.utah.gov/parks/kodachrome-basin/videos-2/ Campground details: https://stateparks.utah.gov/parks/kodachrome-basin/campgrounds/ Bunkhouses (2 / 6-person each) https://stateparks.utah.gov/parks/kodachrome-basin/bunkhouses/ State Park Fees: https://stateparks.utah.gov/parks/kodachrome-basin/park-fees/ Kodachrome photos: https://www.google.com/search?q=kodachrome+state+park+photos&rlz=1C1NHXL_enUS715US715&oq=kodachrome+state+park+photos&aqs=chrome..69i57j0l3.11224j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

  • After Work Networking (Salt Lake City)


    Fill out LEARN-YOUR-BEST-MATCHES form below to attend / network. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScM71pgDeNPmuR_zI8yye7kPOvY8roqNOn_KrKh8s-0bhHWcQ/viewform (<= CLICK) This is a big city with so many great people to network with. But how valuable is it to be in a city with great networking opportunities if you don't get out and network. Meet new friends, eat in a restaurant, watch a movie and plan for the weekend! This is an open public free-flow CONVENIENCE NETWORKING event for business and technology professionals who like to be involved in social networking in the local area. Everyone is welcome. So, once you have received your match-making email about 3 hours before the event, we hope that you proactively reach out to your best target matches in advance, through whatever means/mediums they want to be reached, and we encourage you to make your own networking plans to meet one-on-one with your best matches at the venue. BEST PRACTICES: Before you plan to attend the event, you are supposed to reach out to other attendees whose interests are matching with those of yours, send invitations to those whom you like to meet, make your plan to meet one-on-one with them and get their confirmations to attend. Once you have set clear expectations, then you could plan well to spend your time at the event. Organizers can not guarantee how many attendees will attend or who will attend. Generally, 20%-30% of those who RSVP are likely to attend. There will be NO EVENT ORGANIZER at the venue to guide you. Be on your own. You are welcome to become an organizer if you figure out a way to coordinate with other attendees. If and when you arrive at the venue, search for other attendees, introduce yourself, share business cards, and plan your evening. NOTE: Use your best judgment and discretion and do your due diligence and research before you share your info with attendees and meet with them.

  • Summit King's Peak

    King's Peak

    Kings Peak is the highpoint of Utah, and of Duchesne County (http://cohp.org/ut/utah.html). It is the seventh highest of the U.S. State Highpoints and located approximately 42 miles north of Duchesne in the High Uintas Wilderness Area of the Ashley and Wasatch National Forests. The mountain was named after Clarence King, who was the first director of the US Geological Survey. The standard hiking route is a 28.8 mile round trip trek, so the peak is usually climbed as part of a backpacking trip. The present-day Kings Peak wasn't known to be the highest point in Utah before the mid 1960s. The USGS hadn't determined whether the current Kings Peak or South Kings Peak was the highest of the two summits prior to satellite measurements taken in 1966. Prior to this discovery, the USGS had marked South Kings Peak as the highest peak in Utah. Any hikers going to Utah's highest peak prior to 1966 would have scaled South Kings Peak instead of the now official Kings Peak. Kings Peak's topographic prominence (http://www.cohp.org/prominence/index.htm) is 6,348 feet and ranks 19th in the contiguous 48 states. It is one of 57 so-called "Ultra" prominence peaks, those with more than 5,000 feet of prominence. We'll be taking Henry's Fork Trailhead. Packing List: Required • 6-8 Meals • 100 oz water. • Sleeping Pad • Sleeping Bag • Tent (Partner up if you can) • Headlamp • First Aid Kit • Rain Gear • 3 to 4 pairs of socks • Fleece Pants, Jacket, Gloves, Hat • Map and Compass • Bug Spray (w/ Deet) Suggested: • Water filter or other water purification such as iodine • Trowel & Toilet Paper

  • Labor Day Weekend - Backpacking in Colorado (4 days, 3 nights)

    Join us for a 4 day, 3 night backpacking trip in the Maroon Bells Snowmass Wilderness near Aspen, Colorado. This is a beautiful area and it should be quite an adventure! We will leave Friday morning and drive 6 1/2 hours to the trailhead. We'll start hiking Friday night and go as far as we are able/comfortable before nightfall, aiming for 6 miles. Please note: this is an exploratory trip - we haven't been there before but will have a trail map of the entire route and a GPS app. https://www.alltrails.com/explore/trail/us/colorado/maroon-bells-snowmass-wilderness-loop Total mileage is 29.1 with 7,933 ft of elevation gain. The rough plan for mileage each day (subject to change due to terrain, conditions, campsites): Friday: 5.4 miles, 1,706 ft elevation gain Saturday: 8.5 miles, 1,925 ft elevation gain Sunday: 6.7 miles, 2,115 ft elevation gain Monday: 8.5 miles, 1,650 ft elevation gain We'll drive home on Monday. IMPORTANT: Please ensure you have previous multi-day backpacking experience and are able to carry all of your gear for the length of the trip. If you have any questions on your ability, please contact me directly and we can figure out if this is the right trip for you. I'll send out more information later on required equipment and suggested packing list. Also important: please don't sign up unless you know you will be able to attend. Organizing the trip takes time and it's not fair to the organizer if everyone drops off the trip last minute. RSVPs will close on Wednesday August 29th. Total group size is limited to 8 - please go here to register: https://www.meetup.com/Mingle-Utah-Singles-Community/events/253954226/ I plan on scheduling a small get-together for anyone interested so folks can meet who they will be hiking with for this many days :) Dogs are welcome, and I will be bringing mine. Hope you can make it!