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Raft the Salt River (John Carlile has the permit)

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Details the Salt River

Class II-IV whitewater

(John Carlile has the permit)

According to the web site American Whitewater (

There is 60 miles of bouncing whitewater in a spectacular Sonoran Desert canyon. For gear-hauling rafts, a minimum flow is 1,200. The infamous rapid Quartzite is a solid class IV at most levels, but without the class V consequences that existed at high flows before it was illegally blasted.


Scale this map ( up or down in size to see where it is within AZ, in realtionship to where we live and to see details of the immediate river area.

According to Google Maps (;&gs_rn=1&gs_ri=hp&gs_mss=Globe,+AZ+to+&cp=30&gs_id=16&xhr=t&qscrl=1&rlz=1T4ADRA_enUS423US431&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&bvm=bv.41248874,d.aWc&ion=1&biw=1249&bih=486&wrapid=tljp1358833353637058&um=1&ie=UTF-8&gl=us&daddr=Grand+Junction,+CO&saddr=Globe,+AZ&panel=1&f=d&fb=1&dirflg=d&geocode=KX8A2dYVnimHMdWvnsRp8aCG;KVdw5yLj1kaHMVZ8v85R9GPM&sa=X&ei=3Cb-ULTpI4OzqQGNmIDQBw&sqi=2&ved=0CC4Q-A8wAA) it is about 550 miles from GJ and about 9-1/2 to 10 hours drive time.


(16 person party. Below are 'guidelines' and these may change):

Permit holder- John + guests (permit, prior expereince on this river and bringing a raft has its priviledges) Those who applied for a Salt River permit (send us your email notification from Kinsail Corp) and have a raft. These people can bring a 2nd person as long as their raft will accomodate themselves, their +1 AND at least 1 more pasasenger plus some group gear. Hard-shell kayakers (up to 3?) who have solid rescue-boater skills. When we have enough rafts, others who applied for a permit and plan to use an inflatable kayak or whitewater canoe. Others who applied for a Salt permit (but have no raft) If there are not enough who applied for permits, have rafts and want to go, we may invite other rafters who can supply a raft but had not applied for a Salt permit. Others who did not apply for a permit and do not have a raft or other boat of their own. In your RSVP please note if you are an experienced rower who could captain a rented raft if it turns out we need one or more rentals. Any person except the permit holder and raft captains may only RSVP for themselves; there is no +1. Each person needs to sign-up independently.

Launch on Friday, March 22nd; so drive down to northern AZ ( leaving Thursday night ir early Friday morning.

Plan on 4 or 5 river days, through March 25 or 26. Drive back on your own schedule.


For now, only John's name +1 will be on the accepted to go list. If you are interested in becoming part of this trip PLEASE CALL JOHN DIRECTLY at the phone # below. For now, you can RSVP and will be placed in time-order of RSVP on a Wait List. In your RSVP please post the 'number' from the list above that describes you (1 - 7). If you are bringing a boat, please tell what that boat will be. If you are not bringing a boat but you have class III-IV rowing skills and could row a rented raft or be a back-up rower for a raft already going along, please note that. The way water flow looks, 450 cfs as of March 8th, this is most likely going to be a trip of small, lightly loaded rafts and inflatable kayaks carrying much or all of their paddler's own gear. SALT RIVER FLOWS: (

The "“Salt Season" occurs when the snow melts in the White Mountains of southeastern Arizona, usually beginning in March and ending in May. Sometimes good flows occur in February or last until June, but this only happens every 10 years or so. Adequate flows may also occur during Monsoon Season in July and August. For kayakers who just want to go downstream, 300 CFS is a minimum. For surfathon fun, 800 is a bare minimum, and 2,000-3,000 is optimal. For gear-hauling rafts, a minimum flow is 1,200. The river has been run up to 28,000 cfs in 2 days but most sane boaters make 10K a cut off.

WEATHER: ( Click on the word weather


John Carlisle[masked] (permit holder)

Doug Van Etten

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