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Season Opener - Mt. Sherman (14,036')

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Season Opener - Mt. Sherman via Fourmile Creek TH (14,036’ - Class 1 and 2)

Fourmile Creek TH: From the US 285 - Colorado 9 Junction south of Fairplay, go 1.0 mile south on US 285. Turn west onto Park County Road 18. Set your trip meter at this point. Go west on CR18, enter the Fourmile Creek Valley and Pike NF at mile 4.0. Pass Fourmile campground at mile 8.0, and park at the old Leavick town site at mile 10.5 (look for old mine buildings).

Gerry Roach’s seminal “Colorado Fourteeners: From Hikes to Climbs”, advises that the road is often plowed to the Leavick site in the winter. However, notes that the road is “usually plowed only to 11,100’” - about a mile below Leavick. This adds 2 miles to an already 8.8 mile RT trip. Please be in the proper physical condition to attempt this peak - whether we start from Leavick or just below. That means: regular ascents of Liberty Cap, Mt. Garfield, Tellerico, or similar elevation gains. “Long” hikes thrown in for variety are preferred, as well (>5mi with pack you would expect to bring on 14er).

POSSIBLE EXTRA CREDIT: Possibility of combination with Gemini Peak (13,951’; Class 2), depending on weather. I’ll gauge it as we get closer to Summit Day.

Range of RT Lengths:

Leavick Site to Summit of Sherman: 8.8mi stated winter plow level to Summit of Sherman: ~10.8mi
EXTRA CREDIT GEMINI PEAK: 10.2mi from Leavick/12.2mi from stated winter plow level.

Elevation Gain: from Fourmile Creek TH (11,240’), it is 2,796’ of elevation gain.

Craig and I may camp near the trailhead/winter closure. More info as we near Summit Day.

Please be at the TH ready to depart by 7:00 AM!


- Comfortable daypack
- traction device (Kahtoola ice spikes or similar)
- snowshoes (just in case)
- poles if you like ‘em
- ice ax if you like it and know how to use it
- trusted boots (please do not debut new footwear on 14ers!)
- proper clothing in layers (this means NO COTTON, and prepare for any weather possibility, and good, NON-COTTON socks). This includes RAIN GEAR (an essential item!!)
- Water (>2L)
- high energy “summit snacks” and a light lunch (jerky, nuts, dried fruit, candy all good choices)
- maybe a thermos of something warm and tasty - hot tea or the like
- GAITERS - this is as much to keep out scree as snow, and sometimes I like them just for extra insulation
- first aid kit, at least basics for yourself and know how to use it (include moleskins in case of blisters)
- camera (for those summit “hero” shots!)

Gerry Roach - “Colorado Fourteeners: From Hikes to Climbs” - a *must* for the CO 14er enthusiast.

Each and every person who wishes to participate must be a WSA member. You may only RSVP for yourself - no guests, no +1, no mention in your RSVP of ‘I am bringing my brother-in-law.’

Questions? Call or Text Beth (970)[masked]

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• have fun

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