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Paddle on Colorado River- Short, quick trip after work - Fruita to Loma

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Paddle on Colorado River

Short, quick trip after work on a hot day
Let's put in at the Hwy 340 bridge over the river and just do the little 4+/- mile float to Loma Landing.
It may be, depending on how this evening goes, that we do a few more Thursday evening floats while there is still good water in the river.
Between us, Stacie and I have boats, paddles and life jackets enough that 6 or 8 or 10 WSA members without any gear are welcome to come along this evening. Stacie and I have extra seats in paddle rafts (like the blue raft photo on this page), inflatable kayaks and more types of boats. So, bring yours if you have a boat; but if you do not have a boat, come use one of ours.
Boats of choice might include:
Solo or tandem canoe (if you know what you are doing in moving water) Inflatable kayak Rowed raft Paddle raft (I have a small raft we could use as a 3-person paddle raft) Kayak (if you know how to handle swift flat water and can maneuver the boat where you need it to go) Alpacka pack raft Stand Up Paddle board (SUP) - these can be rented from Rim Rock Adventures ( (With WSA you MUST wear A PFD while SUPping) So the plan for the evening will be:
Meet at 6 PM at the put-in, dirt parking spot on east side of Hwy 340 bridge over Colorado River; north side of the river. Off-load boats, gear and any spare people. Drivers take cars to Loma Landing and leave as many vehicles there as possible Float this little 4 mile section. Stop to have a picnic. Bring finger food, melons, home baked goods, etc and plenty of non-alcoholic beverages for yourself and to share. Take out at Loma Landing, everyone help to disassemble and pack boats. Return drivers to up-river cars. Anyone who wants may chose to see if the free concert (2nd one of the season tonight) in downtown Fruita is still rocking. If you want to do this, bring a camp/lawn chair or blanket to sit on the ground.
We will be careful not to miss the Loma take-out (or have camping gear stashed in the boat for a trip all the way to Westwater ranger station, the Ruby-Horsethief take-out). have to be home overnight this weekend to take care of the dogs but, after this little event I may post (or I suggest that someone else post) a 1-day Ruby-Horsethief ( float. While it is 16 miles or so, with the river flowing like it is at over 10,000 cfs it will be
chucking right along and 16 miles should be very doable for a day trip.
Boat of choice Bow & stern lines on that boat (this is a safety item you owe it to yourself and you owe it to potential rescuers to have on your boat. 6'-8' line on each end, please) Appropriate paddles &/or oars (and a spare. Among kayaks, 1 spare/ 3 boats is pretty standard. Spare oar/ raft.) PFD- personal flotation device otherwise known as a Life jacket (must be worn, properlyon all WSA boating events)
Throw bag (for those experienced boaters who own them) Incidental items (bug juice, sun screen, pocket knife, spare small diameter cord, other items you may think helpful) Clothing and footwear that can get wet; and footwear that can get muddy. Nylon shorts dry much quicker than cotton. Sandals OK (no flip-flops, w/o back strap please). Spare dry clothing in dry bag or car. Sun protection (long sleeves, broad-brimmed hat, sun screen, etc as you may need) Bug Juice (you never know if buggies may be especially at a launch or take-out site, in or near brush or bushes) Finger food, home-baked goods, melon, etc and beverages (non-adult on the river, please) for yourself and to share. Need a trash bag or two. If you want to come along but do not have the gear, mention that in your RSVP and Stacie and I will bring you a seat in a boat, a paddle, PFD (everything except river sandals)
FIDO & the KIDS:
They are welcome as long as they can stay in or get back into the boat. Property fitting PDF required for the kids and not a bad idea for FIDO if s/he comes along.
In your RSVP please state what kind of boat you will be bringing, if you have room in that boat for passengers. If you do not have a boat, look for 'passenger offers' and respond.
Another option is to rent a 1 or 2 person IK from Rim Rock Adventures ( (right across the river from where we will launch)
Doug Van Etten[masked]

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