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So you want to go to Yellowstone Natl Park - Brainstorming and planning meeting

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So you want to go to

Yellowstone Natl Park (


and planning


I posted a trip to Yellowstone and . . . . much to my surprise I found lots of people wanted to RSVP. Well, my original concept was to spend much of the time boating - canoe or touring kayak - on Yellowstone Lake.

Lo and behold . . . it looks like others who want to go have a lot of other great 'let's do this or let's do that' ideas for the trip. Sounds wonderful !!!

With that in mind, lets get as many interested people as can meet in GJ this evening together for a little finger food, beverages, guidebooks, website printouts, maps and other resources and . . . MAKE a PLAN.


Meet at 7 PM at Barbara's house

2028 Paint Pony Ct

Plan to spend a couple of hours brainstorming and planning.

Please do some reading/ research in advance so we can have productive discussion.

This will not be a guided trip so those who want to go are encouraged to participate in the planning

I know, you outside of GJ folks won't be able to make the meeting but . . . please, do your homework and send us your ideas to toss into the discussion).


This trip is posted for weekend to weekend - Sept 7 -15th.

Some people have already said they can come for part but not for all.That will be fine; we can be very flexible in who comes, goes . . . has time limits or not to their opportunity.

If you can come for 4 or 5 days, great! 7 days, that is perfect! All 9 days Yippee for your schedule. We can accommodate everyone and have lots of fun doing it.

BRING to the planning meeting:

Maps, laptops, guidebooks, etc and your personal memories if you have been there before Snacky food to share and beverages *** REMEMBER ***

This is NOT a GUIDED TRIP - we need everyone to participate in planning

RESOURCES/ Questions we need info gathered on before the meeting:

<< as you find interesting and helpful resources/ web links, etc. please those links on the comment section of this calendar page>>

How long is the drive? Are there quick stop, cool things to see &/or do on the way to or from our end point destination? Where can we stay: is/are there group campsites we can rent in September? Cabins? Other options? Cost estimates for each? What will night temperatures be like for camping (base elevation is over 7,000' and it is farther north than CO or UT)? For those who may want to canoe &/or kayak on one or more of the lakes - what are the rules and regulations, restrictions, advice, etc.? Where/ if can boats be rented for those who do not own or decide once we get there they want to paddle after all? What variety of hikes are there: lengths & difficulties? special things to see we would not see near home? What to expect for weather ( Orientation videos (

Other stuff we may want to know in advance for planning purposes???
Doug Van Etten 970-433-4312
P.S. Will someone please volunteer your house for ameeting location? Thanks in advance.