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Mt. Eolus (14,083') and North Eolus (14,039')

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The plan is to climb Mt. Eolus first (via its northeast ridge), and then go back for the short climb to North Eolus. Both mountains are Class 3 scrambles with moderate to more serious exposure, so please consider your ability before you RSVP. Please read the hike details below and come prepared with the Ten Essentials (plus a helmet). Remember, your safety is your responsibility!

Hike Details:

Hike starting time: 5:00 a.m. from our campground in the Chicago Basin.

Total round-trip distance from the trailhead: 5 miles.

Starting elevation: 11,100 feet.

Elevation gain: 3,000 feet.

The Ten+ Essentials:

Navigation (map/compass)

Sun Protection (sunglasses and sunscreen)

Insulation (extra clothing and rain gear)

Illumination (headlamp)

First-aid Supplies

Fire (waterproof matches/lighter)


Nutrition (extra food)

Hydration (extra water)

Emergency shelter


****Acknowledgement of Risk****

By RSVPing YES and participating in this activity you acknowledge that you have read the statements below and agree to abide by them while participating in this or any Western Slope Adventurers activity. Only those persons who have read this information and agree to its terms shall be viewed as participants in this or any WSA activity. Each person must RSVP for him/herself, no +1, 2, etc., will be allowed.

Hiking, backpacking, road or mountain biking, water sports, skiing, snowshoeing, climbing/ scrambling, rappelling, canyoneering and other adventure sports are fun, but are not without risk. You are responsible for your own safety and staying within your own skill, experience, and comfort limits. All Western Slope Adventurers events are unguided events. By participating in a WSA event, you acknowledge that you have a personal duty and responsibility for your own safety. Western Slope Adventurers MeetUps are organized to provide a venue for outdoor enthusiasts to meet and have fun while sharing in experiences and adventures.The Western Slope Adventurers, Meetup, and the event hosts/organizers do not assess the personal, technical and/or safety skills of participants; nor do they assess any event location to determine current conditions.

All participants are encouraged and expected to:
• Honestly assess your skills to ensure each activity is within your ability
• Assess your prospective fellow event participants
• Accept responsibility for your own safety and comfort
• Do your share of any teamwork involved
• Share your ideas for situation assessment before and during an event
• Speak up if you're having a problem
• Speak up with any questions or concerns you may have before and during the event
• Have all of the clothing, equipment and any other special items needed for the activity
• Inform the event organizer or other designated participant if you are using medication (prescribed or otherwise) or have any medical condition that may affect your full participation in the event
• On any biking, canyoneering, climbing, or river event that is class II difficulty or higher, wear a helmet, NO exceptions!
• Have fun!

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