BACKPACKING in Grand Gulch/ southeast Utah- 23 miles Kane Gulch to Bullet Canyon

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Kane Gulch Ranger Station

UT-261 · Utah, UT

How to find us

Meet at the ranger station when they open at 8 AM

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Grand Gulch is at the heart of the the Cedar Mesa - Bears Ears area in southeast Utah. Our friend Tanner Morrill from Salt Lake City has the permit for this backpacking adventure.

Starting at the Kane Gulch Ranger Station we will take 3 days to walk about 23 miles through the canyon bottom then up Bullet Canyon back to the highway.

Along the way there will be many Ancestral Puebloan (this is the term used now, formerly Anasazi) ruins and displays of rock art. Among the named ruins we will pass by include: Junction, Turkey Pen, Split Level.

The trail is well worn but not formally maintained. Same goes for campsites. It has been a very wet winter so there should be a lot of pools and potholes with water that can be filtered for drinking and cooking.

Everyone will be self-contained for camping, cooking, water filtration and personal waste disposal. As we get some folks committed to the trip, it may work out that some of us can share cooking gear, tent space, etc.

Along with basic backpacking gear, I suggest you bring:
** water filter
** trekking poles (only bring them if you have rubber tips on them so they do not scar the rock)
** wag bags or plastic bags to carry out toilet paper. TP must not be buried or burned; carry it out.
** broad brimmed hat & long sleeve cotton shirt for sun protection
** backpacking cook stove (no open fires allowed)

Weather: Average temperatures this time of year are 71* high/ 46* low

From the BLM website, a few rules & regs:
No camping is allowed at any ruins, rock art sites or alcoves. Please use an established campsite and avoid impacting undisturbed areas. Campfires are not allowed in Cedar Mesa canyons. Disposal of human waste is not permitted within 200 feet of a water source, trail, or campsite. Please don't wash, bath or swim in streams or potholes.

Plan to rendezvous at the Kane Gulch Ranger Station when they open at 8AM on Friday. There is good camping about a mile from the ranger station. We can post that information if anyone wants to camp (car camping) the night before we meet.

Another option would be to spend the Thursday night in Blanding, 36 paved highway miles away (40 minutes drive time). Tanner has a B&B reserved for some trip participants. If you want in on that, contact him.

For more information &/or details call or text Tanner Morrill[masked]