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Canyoneering Close to Home - MMI Canyon AND "Lost & Found" Canyon

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Canyoneering Close to Home

MMI & Lost n Found Canyons

(canyon rating 3AII (

Crescent Junction exit off I-70 (~ 18 miles east of Green River & 60 miles west of Fruita)

(Any off pavement trip or canyon-country outing is alway subject to chance to to weather (; adverse or unexpected environmental conditions. In this case we will monitor Green River, UT weather (


6:45 AM meet at Starvin Arvins just off I-70 Fruita exit (Conoco truck stop west of the highway).


MMI ( (link to video ( Lost & Found canyons are fun routes that explore a rarely visited section of Arches National Park. This offers seclusion inside the remote northern edge of Arches National Park. The routes are beginner friendly with competent leadership. If all goes well we may be able to do a simultaneous rappel off Covert Arch after completing MMI & Lost n Found Canyons and climbing out.

While these are technically easy canyons, with such a large group we would like that only those with experience rappelling/ canyoneering with WSA RSVP for this event. We will have an introduction to rappelling and canyon skills early in December.


Basic clothing in layers. This will not be an abrasive canyon(s) on your clothing so you can wear light weight nylon, etc. Sturdy light hiking boots, running shoes. No need for sticky rubber canyon shoes. Gloves (leather, fake leather or cotton back-rubber face 'Atlas' gloves) Wind shell, warm hat, Water, snacks & lunch Beverages - hot &/or cold and frothy at the car for the return Shovel & scraps of wood (2x4 sections, small pieces of plywood, be used if any low clearance vehicle gets stuck in one or 2 possible sand traps on the drive in) CANYONEERING GEAR:

(minimal list for a technical canyon you do with WSA, please.)

HELMET (required. no helmet-no canyons with this group. Bike helmet is OK) Rope if you own one - we can decide later which to take and which to leave in the car harness rappel/belay device (ATC, Figure 8, Pirana, Totem, etc.) locking carabiners (prefer 4-6/person but can get by with 2 or 3 for your first few trips; they start at ~$9 each at REI or Summit Canyon) slings at least 1 12'-long, 1" webbing sling for general purposes &/or to make a safety tether. Strongly suggest 2 of those 12' - 15'ers per person. By your 2nd or third trip please bring an additional 30' sling of 1" webbing that can be used for anchors, short handlines or other group uses. When buying webbing, please get natural canyon colors - canyon orange, tan, brown, black so slings left behind will blend in where they might otherwise be seen by hikers, etc. rapid links/ rappel rings bring at least 3 for the group. 30'-60' of 1" webbing that can be left as anchor material where needed (if you are not supplying a rope, please assume bringing this webbing is your responsibility) gloves leather/ fake leather for rappeling and preventing sandpapered hands on the rock. headlamp - ALWAYS have this in your pack (w spare batteries) pack - some kind of pack to carry this gear and your portion of the group gear. When we do skinnier canyons you will need to carry all your gear through the canyon INSIDE your pack. In skinny slots and on rappels NOTHING CAN HANG OUT, so please make it a habit on any canyon trip that once you start down canyon, nothing is on the outside of your pack. spare shoes and clothing in the car for drive home (canyon should be dry but there may be latant pools and mud patches) CARPOOLING:

Great idea. We can leave cars at the meeting place in Fruita. Based on our previous experience here we do not need 4 WD to access these canyons though high cleaance &/or all wheel drive may be helpful. If you are not meeting here for a carpool/ caravan please note any other plans in your RSVP.


Please share gas $$ generously.


(some, not all, and not in any order of preference)

Climb Utah ( (a bible of remote UT info) Mini Slot Guide ( (a few routes, great descriptions) North Wash Outfitters ( (Blanding, UT guide) Tom's UT Canyoneering ( (very detailed) AJ Roadtrips ( (canyons, mountains, etc.) ( (best guide for Capitol Reef Natl Park and darn good with way more details than the others on other places too) CANYONEERING GEAR SOURCES:

Summit Canyon Mountaineering, in GJ for webbing and 'biners, rappel device, approach or other sticky rubber shoes. REI in GJ. Much the same gear as SC but more limited selctions Home Depot/ Lowes in GJ for inexpensive headlamps, leather or rubber gloves, steel rappel links Gear Heads in Moab (, everything GJ shops have and a whole lot more Canyoneering USA (on-line) ( is the real thing as far as all canyoneering gear is concerned - packs, harnesses, biners, wet suits; you name it. CANYONEERING 'MUST READ' LITERATURE:

CUSA Canyon skills tech tips (

Canyoneering USA Latest Rave ( (newest hot spots in canyoneering)

Canyoneering Wiki ( a popouri of info we all should learn and be able to apply *****

Climb-Utah Canyoneering Primer ( about the best booklet around on general canyoneering info that can be printed out as one large file and carried in the car or read in bed *****

Bogley Canyoneering Forum ( is a list serve-type discussion board for canyons, canyoneers and canyoneering issues. Take some of what is said with a grain of sand.

Crapping in a canyon ( sounds like a joke but if you did not like swimming in that canyon pool with the dead rat or the dead scorpion.. . . Personally, I do not want to swim with cr...

Canyoneering emergency contacts ( list(s) County Sheriff's and a few other resources

Carabiners ( - everything you will probably ever need to know

And more ... .


Doug Van Etten 970-433-4312

Steve Morga 719-323-3466


From Crescent Junction: Follow I-70 east for 11 miles to Exit 193 (N38° 56' 32", W109° 36' 53"), signed Yellow Cat. Exit I-70 and turn south. Follow the graded Yellow Cat Road southeast for 6.2 miles to a fork (N38° 52' 04", W109° 33' 00"). Take the east (left) fork. Continue following the road for 2.1 miles to the Yellow Cat Mine Ruins ( (N38° 50' 53", W109° 31' 42"). The ruins are located on the east side of the road.

From The Yellow Cat Mine Ruins follow the road east for 1.0 mile to a fork (N38° 51' 01", W109° 30' 38"). Take the south (right) fork and follow the road 2.6 miles to a fork (N38° 49' 27", W109° 29' 48"). Take the east (left) fork and follow the road 3.1 miles to a junction (N38° 48' 31", W109° 26' 53"). Take the south (right) fork and follow the road 1.2 miles to a junction (N38° 47' 51", W109° 26' 06"), with a less traveled road heading west (right). Carefully driven passenger vehicles and high clearance vehicles can normally reach this junction without problems, beyond this point the roads might contain sections of sand.

Follow the less traveled road west for 2.9 miles to where a fence crosses the road. This is the MMI & Undercover Canyon Trailhead. Park next to the fence in what is starting to develop into a small parking area.