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Nice night to hike Liberty Cap

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Nice night to

hike Liberty Cap (

by the light of the Full Moon (

These wonderful, clear full moon nights are tough to resist so lets go hike up one of GJ's local exercise icons: Liberty Cap (

For those who have been up LC with WSA before, you know we often bring a rope for that extra little reassurance for anyone who wants, to be able to reach the top of that little Hershey Kiss cap.

Well, some time back - within the past 3-4 months - someone has placed iron bars in the holes where we used to stack 2 fingers for the climb up. Now you can go up just about as easy as climbing a ladder. But that does not change the 'hike' portion of the evening.


Meet at the Wildwood parking lot at 6 and plan to be out about 3 hours, give or take.

On a hike like this there may be some who shoot out of the parking lot and may want to reach the top and turn back down very quuickly; others may be at the opposite end of the pack. It is all good and no one needs to feel encumbered by any other hiker's pace, fitness or interests.

Go however you want to go, find others about your pace if you like and since it is an out-n-back hike on the same trail, chances are good that we will all see one another twice, or more this evening.


Dress in layers to control your body temperature and bring a pack for spare clothes Strudy trail shoes or light weight hiking boots Warm hat, gloves/ mittens Water & maybe a snack if you like (it may be a little cool this evening so we will not continue our past 6 month's or so tradition of the Full Moon Hike also being an on-the-trail potluck. We will start doing that again when evening temperatures get back into the 50's or so.) Trekking poles if you like them as this trail is steep and can be slippery on the loose gravel Camera (and small tripod?) GPS (in case there are any geocaches around and you can show others of us how you find them) DOGS:

Last night in BLM lands was for FIDO. No hounds in the national monument.


Free since our parking will not be within the park boundary


Doug Van Etten[masked]