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We're running a homebrew D&D 5e campaign every other Saturday at 1:30 p.m. We've been going for about 18 months and we're 27 games in. The characters are currently 9th level and we expect to go until level 20.

Summary of the campaign so far below.


Game 1 - Captives

Barbarian Friedhelm (Dennis), warlock Selise (Patrick), cleric Spurious (Hubert), and bard Virtue (Kelly) meet as captives of the Westlands kingdom. Prince Thraal and Captain Gablor coerce them to explore a ruined fort they want to restore. On the way, the party finds the rogue Ivor Pawell on the side of the road, and rescues Ivor’s companions from giant spiders. Reaching the fort, the party fights skeletons there which are animated by a strange blue aura.

Game 2 - Kobolds

The party returns to the fort to investigate tower F. Upstairs, the party finds small humanoid dragons - kobolds - hiding among statues of kobolds, and fights them. Selise has a vision of a monster is two closely paired towers - either A and B or I and J, so the party heads to B.

Notes: Kelly gave us the quote of the week: “It’s only confusing if you already know the rules.” The party discovered that Silese can “speak” directly into other character’s minds.

Game 3 - Sonya Red

Continuing to investigate the closely pairs towers from Silese’s vision, the party returns to the fort a third time to investigate towers I and J. On the third floor of tower I, Brother Spurious sets off an Indiana-Jones-rolling-ball-type trap by taking a bag of coins. Crossing from there to tower J, the party finds a horned figure in a hall of mirrors and fights him, with Aylan ultimately killing him. In the bottom of tower J, they find a young girl trapped in a cage and release her, but the girl transforms into the dragon Sonya Red and flies away.

Notes: Steve brought us the quote of the week: “It’s like a metallic metal.” Keith joined this game playing Aylan.

Game 4 - Ghostly Forms

Captain Gablor moves the entire caravan into the fort, and the captives build structures they’ll need to survive the oncoming winter. The party finds some fascinating machines in the fort’s moat, but they’re attacked by ankhegs there. After the fight ghostly forms appear there, call the party champions, and show them magic weapons buried in the dirt. Elven and dwarven diplomats come to the fort and disparage the party for releasing the dragon.

Notes: After Captain Gablor belittles Friedhelm, Friedhelm resolves to take revenge on Gablor when he is strong enough.

Game 5 - Fodell Grigor

The elven and dwarven diplomats send the party northwest to find the druid Fodell Grigor, to help restore the balance. Travelling, the party is attacked by strigs and wolves, but the party defeats them after Virtue puts most of them to sleep. They find Fodell and his imaginary friend Bob, who tell them that the village of Winterridge is under an unknown threat. The party heads north toward Winterridge, fighting orcs on the way.

Notes: The quote of the week is from Brother Spurious: “As I pass by [Friedhelm] I tell him a tale about falling into the drink, where this time the drink is truth itself.” We learn that Selise “sleep cackles” and carries a tome covered in “an unknown leather.”

Game 6 - Winterridge

The party finds the route to Winterridge blocked by orcs who have enslaved the village, but get through the orcs’ palisade when they’re mistaken for slaves themselves. The party continues through underground caverns where they fight the troll Magritte and defeat her. Reaching Winterridge, they meet the woman Rashemi and a town elder, who tell them the orcs are forcing the people of Winterridge to search for a jade dragon egg.

Game 7 - The Iron Hill Mines

The party goes to the mines with the Winterridge slaves to search for the jade dragon egg, exploring mines 1, 2, and 5 in three different groups. The characters break off from their larger slave groups to search, but Ceallarch and Brother Spur are driven back by trolls, and Selise and Friedhelm are driven back by skeletons. Searching further, Selise and Friedhelm find a bas relief that Rashemi and the Winterridge elder say depicts a fight between the Iron Hill dwarves and a red dragon that flattened the dwarven kingdom.

Notes: Kelly changed his character this game from the bard Virtue to the druid Ceallarch, and Kelly and Steve retconned the campaign story so that Kelly’s character had always been Ceallarch. The party decided to abandon their NPC ally Ivor going forward.

Game 8 - The Gelatinous Cube

Spurious, Friedhelm, Silese, and {Ceallarch, Ivor} are taken to caves 1, 2, 3, and 5, respectively. Silese finds quest clues, including a dwarf kneeling, praying, walking on air, and picking up a mysterious object. She is nearly killed by a gelatinous cube, but her god saves her after she fails 2 death saves. Ceallarch and Ivor kill a troll. Joining up in cave 5 and finding a dead end there, Spurious, Friedhelm, Ceallarch, and Ivor mine their way into a new cavern 6, which is as large as the grand canyon but made of finished stone

Notes: Jonathan joined the campaign this game, playing Ivor temporarily. We learned this game that Silese takes her clothes from dead people, and that Spurious talks to his holy symbol.

Game 9 - The Upright Righteous Path

Trying to find the larger party in the caves, Silese and Soren encounter a room of skeletal warriors, which they withdraw from. They find the party and enter cavern 6, where they find Sonya Red with an undead priest. Silese agrees to be the party’s champion in challenges inside the cave, which she passes using the clues she saw in Game 8. The party finds an old man guarding 50 apparent vestiges (dragon eggs), and he lets them take one, which they select at random. Outside the caves at the end of the game, the party finds 1,000 of Thraal’s warriors have liberated Winterridge from the orcs.

Notes: Jonathan brought a new character, the sorcerer Soren (not Sauron) Stormwind, who travels with a magical glowing mouse Hobbes. Four party members failed their fear (WIS) check to enter cavern 6, but Friedhelm rallied them by challenging them as “minions” and “pussies,” earning an Inspiration point. Spurious initially suggested Friedhelm as the party’s champion, but Friedhelm declined, saying he did not follow the “upright righteous path” it required.

Game 10 - The Realm of the Breath of Fire

Travelling from Winterridge back to the fort, the party finds that Fodell’s home has been burned by orcs, but that he defeated them. At the fort, the party’s vestige crumbles into dust, which elders say is a clue to a second vestige in the “realm of the breath of fire.” The party sets out for the realm, passing through Varis’s elven kingdom, and Varis’s advisor Thomior prepares them to visit the realm. They magically enter the realm, paying tribute to an Anubis-like guardian there, and taking a sandship to the city Arc-En.

Notes: The elves gave Silese metal shirt that can fold like clothing, which was +2 but “raggedy” like her other clothing.

Game 11 - The Howling Demon

The party finds an arena in Arc-En, the Howling Demon, and Friedhelm fights Faruk there. Oddsmakers give Friendhelm 100-to-1 odds of beating Faruk, but Friedhelm wins, winning 700 gp for himself and similar payouts for the other party members. The party finds their Arc-En contact Solvlis at the shop Wondrous Items and Mysteries. Solvlis directs them to the next port, Dunes of the Oasis, and tells them to look there the old man Onar, who is the only survivor of the place they ultimately need to find. They set out for the Dunes of the Oasis on a sandship, and fight a sand mephit on the way, which they defeat.

Note: Soren found a “dragon staff” at Wonderous Items and Mysteries. Friedhelm moved to coup-de-grace Faruk after beating him at the Howling Demon, but arena guards prevented him. Friedhelm adopted the moniker “The Outsider” that fight promoters at the Howling Demon gave him.

Game 12 - Johnny Bone

The party finds Onar at the Falling Star tavern, who tells them he travelled to a labyrinth (the passageways) 52 years ago, finding a sphinx inside, but that his fellow adventurers all died during two weeks there. He directs them to Black Exchange tavern, where they hire captain Johnny Bone and his sandboat, The Skull’s Run. Onboard, they discover Johnny’s crew is undead skeletons. But, Johnny does take them to within a day’s walk of the passageways, and agrees to return for them for 2,500 gp. Friedhelm uses Speak with Animals and food to recruit hyenas who help them find the passageways. They discover it has 1000’s of entrances, and inside Friedhelm hears broken speech from hyenas saying they’re in pain.

Notes: Johnny gave Soren a stone the party could use to summon him back to the passageways.

Game 13 - Falcon Grey

Ceallarch leads the party through the passageways, using a compass from Johnny Bones’s chest of dead adventurers’ equipment. They defeat five gnolls there by tactically retreating to a narrow bottleneck, 500-style. They find the sphinx at the passageways’ center, where an undead guardian challenges them with a riddle. The guardian and Ceallarch argue over whether the answer is “the future” or “tomorrow,” and a fight ensues. The party defeats the guardian after their ally Falcon Grey turns all four (!) of the guardians minions with Channel Divinity: Turn Undead.

Notes: Friedhelm escapes two pits of quicksand, in one case making a 12 on a DC 12 STR roll only because he raged.

Game 14 - The Onyx Vestige

The goddess Isis tells the party to find for the vestige (dragon egg) they’re looking for in the “deepest part” of the sphinx. They search through a maze of stone paths and magma pits, fighting fire and magma mephits. They find a guardian with fifteen chests who, like the guardian in Game 9, tells them to choose wisely. The chest Selise chooses turns out to be a mimic that attacks the party; a second chest that Friedhelm picks at random contains an apparent onyx vestige, which the party takes.

Game 15 - Dark Water

The party leaves the sphinx to find Johnny Bones’s ship being attacked by gnolls, who they defeat. With the help of Johnny, Ya-Tell, Solvis, and Anubis, they travel from the sphinx to Arc-En to the moon crystal, and travel through the crystal to their own world. There, the elf king and dwarf king find dark water inside the onyx vestige, and conclude the party must travel to Waterton. On the way, they pass through Winterridge and find that Rashimi is the new elder there.

Game 16 - The Chardone Forest

The party recruits Rashimi’s son Westra to guide them to Waterton, through the Chardone Forest. Travelling through the forest, they’re attacked by an owl bear and then a shambling mound. Friedhelm argues that Westra might be purposely leading them into danger, and they’re subsequently attacked again, by ankhegs. The party investigates a cave near the ankheg attack, killing a shambling mound there. Friedhelm is injuring opening a trapped chest inside the cave, and the party finds thieves’ tools inside it.

Game 17 - Sha-Ka-Ha

Westra takes the party into Waterton. Soren finds a book at Herbs & Aids, The Histories of the Temple of Sha-Ka-Ha, that suggests that’s where they need to go. The shopkeeper Helda directs them to a guide, Silverton, who agrees to take them to Sha-Ka-Ha by boat. They find two towers there and investigate the left tower, but are attacked there by lizard men. The party defeats them, and interrogate one survivor, who tells them the vestige they’re looking for is in the temple.

Game 18 - Gorgon

The party investigates the second tower in Sha-Ka-Ha. They discover a Draconic prayer in a fire pit there, describing a young boy who is really a silver dragon, Gorgon. The party wonders whether the “silver dragon” is “Silverton,” but Silverton denies it. They’re attacked in the tower by lizardfolk, who they defeat. A surviving lizard man tells them that they must remove a bad item, “Mosic,” from the temple before Gorgon can return, and that Moloch is the leader of the lizardfolk. The party decides to ally with Moloch if possible, and when Silverton brings them to a waterway intersection with 4 towers, they avoid a fight with lizardfolk.

The quote of the week is from Silese: “Overkill is the best kind of kill.”

Game 19 - 2018 August 4

To do: write summary.

Game 20 - 2018 August 18

To do: write summary.

Game 21 - The Temple

The party travels to a ziggurat temple with Silverton and his oarsmen, Baja, Shaz, Crete, and Scythe. They see 20 humanoid figures moving back and forth on the temple, but when Soren hits one with a lightning bolt, they all disappear. They go into the temple; Silverton says it’s a temple to Pelor the silver dragon, a god of good. There, they defeat a kobold mage and his undead champions. Soren takes the mage’s staff, which has a black aura like Nilda’s bow; they also find a “crudely made” +1 dagger without the aura. They go down double doors behind an altar; there, they’re attacked by kobolds in pools but reach another set of double doors.

Game 22 - Mosic

The party enters the double doors and find a water chamber or cistern. They’re attacked there by kobolds and the water dragon Mosic, who they defeat. Friedhelm casts Bless on the party...an evil blessing that makes them feel dirty. The party discovers that Silese talks in her sleep, in deep speech.

Game 23 - Pelor

The party is attacked by seven kobolds while they are trying to take trophies (e.g., fangs) from the dead dragon Mosic. One kobold tries to raise the dragon from the dead, but Silese and Falcon Grey immediately target and kill him, and the party kills the others. Silese and Falcon Gray take Dimension Door to an island, where a water spirit tells Silese to choose wisely among stone vases, and Silese finds part of a broken clay map inside them.

Going back upstairs, they find Silverton and his oarsmen are actually priests and legionnaires, who have freed 200 warriors of Sha-Ka-Ha. The party discovers that Silverton is actually the silver dragon Pelor, and Silverton gives the party black dragon scale armor with sigils of Pelor. The party returns to Waterton, where they meet Westra again, who is now an elven-trained ranger. The party and Westra go to the cave on the clay map, which turns out to be the cave where Soren found thieve’s tools before.

Game 24 part 1 - The Cloaker - 2018 November 9

The party searches the cave for more pieces of the clay map. In a 60-foot-deep chasm there, they beat two flameskulls protecting a chest, but they just find a simple stone ball inside. Elsewhere, in an abandoned living area, they find a beautiful cloak “with a tail” that Friedhelm tries on. The cloak turns out to be a cloaker monster that envelopes him, and the party fights it, with Friedhelm taking much of their damage. Westra eventually kills it after Friedhelm breaks its grapple. In another room, the party is attacked by ghouls, who they defeat with Silese’s Hypnotic Pattern and Falcon Grey and Friedhelm’s Turn Undead. Investigating another 60-foot-deep chasm, the party discovers six beholder-like creatures having a telepathic discussion, which they can also hear in their heads.

Game 24 part 2 - 2018 December 8

To do: write summary.

Game 25 - The Lake of Mist

Thraal throws a party for the PCs back in Winterridge. At the party, they learn that they must compete with delegations from 20 other races to find the next vestige, the next map piece, and a powerful dwarven artifact (a glass sphere of pure starlight) at the Lake of Mist. With their handler Kroll Stormwind Aldus Godfried, they travel for 2 weeks to the Lake of Mist. After 18 other delegations set off across the water but fail to return, the party is the 19th delegation, and a skeletal boatman takes them across the water.

They find an island with a tower, which they enter, and they find a banquet hall with animated dinnerware that encourages them to enjoy a preparation meal. The go into the lower levels and find a room with instructions to “take full or take half”, and doors marked I, II, III, and IV. They decide that “full” means “IV” and “half” means “II” and navigate through multiple rooms following this rule. They find an ettin and a fomorian and defeat them, but Friedhelm is cursed by the fomorian and is permanently disfigured before Falcon Grey can reverse the curse. The final 20th delegation (gnolls) catches up with them and the party decides to ambush and kill them, with Silese trapping them in Evard’s Black Tentacles.

Game 26 - The Dwarf Home Labyrinth

The party revisits the “choose full or choose half” sequence of rooms, soon finding the ancient dwarf home where they expect to find a dwarven artifact. They scout inside the dwarf home labyrinth, encountering some giant spiders and nefarious traps - one of which teleports Friedhelm into a pillar. They discovered that there’s a bottom crawl space under the labryinth, which the resolve to investigate next.

Game 27 - The Undead King

The party continues investigating the dwarf home labyrinth, with new ally Red Fred (Tracy). They kick down the door to a small room where they find an undead lord or king along with six undead followers. When Friedhelm tries to engage the lord as an ally, he tells Friedhelm that has has something the party is looking for (presumably the vestige, the next clay map piece, or the dwarven artifact). The party defeats the undead, with Falcon Grey turning five of the seven, but they’re are unable to find anything in the room afterwards. They continue searching and fight some animated, screeching mushrooms and Koa-Toa.

The quote of the week was from Patrick: “The mushroom needs to make a level 16 DEX check.”

Game 28 - Toa-Arch

The party continues search the dwarf home labyrinth for the vestige, clay map piece, and artifact. They go through two rooms with pools, and in each they’re attacked by kuo-toa. In the first room, Aylin catches a kuo-toa spear and throws it back at them, and Silese kills most of the kuo-toa in one shot with her new spell, Synaptic Static. Silese ominously points out that Synaptic Static causes psychic damage, which is the one type of damage that Friedhelm isn’t resistant to.

In the second room, the party kills all of the kuo-toa except one, who Friedhelm grapples and then bribes to help the party find the vestige, etc. The kuo-toa takes the party swimming through a pool to a cavern where they meet the kuo-toa leader, Toa-Arch. Toa-Arch directs them to swim further through a small hole that only Silese, Myles, and Alyin can fit through. There, they find the vestige, dwarven artifact, and clay map piece, which they claim, then run to escape the dwarven labyrinth as it collapses behind them. Outside the labyrinth, they re-meet their handler Godfried and the other races’s handlers, and claim the winnings from the 100-to-1 bet they made on their own success. Silese persuades Falcon Grey’s elders to allow him to continue with the party, partially by giving them Falcon Gray’s winnings.

The return to Winterridge and surrender the dwarven artifact to the dwarves. The elders in Winterridge break apart the vestige and find snow inside, and in the broken pieces of the vestige, Rashimi recognizes the shape of the mountain peak above Winterridge and tells the party that is their next destination.

Game 29 - Balazar Ironclaw and Timus Silverquill

After examining the broken vestige, the aged Winterridge elder Diggery Hubert directs the party to the snowy mountain peaks above Winterridge to find the next vestige, saying that a white wizard guards it. They’re joined on the journey by two more of the empire’s captives, the rogue Balazar Ironclaw (William) and cleric Timus Silverquill (Frank). In the forest on the way, they’re attacked by ankhegs. On nightwatch, Red Fred kills a boar, but Friedhelm animal speaks with the boar’s piglets, who tell him there’s a cave nearby to explore. The party approaches the cave, but are met at the entrance by eight diseased orcs, who explode with poison when they’re killed, and the party decides not to explore the cave further. They press on to the peak, where they spy the cave entrance where they expect to find the vestige.

Game 30 - Half dragons

The party enters the cave where they expect to find the vestige. In the first cavern there, they find an array of stalagmites each with a small gargoyle carved on them; when Seilise Eldritch Blasts two of them, they find that some are actually ice mephits and defeat them. One ice mephit escapes into another cavern which seems to be an animal corral, where the party fights a kobold and two animal-like reptiles. The kobold escapes, leading the party to a fight with two half-dragons. Friedhelm kills one with two javelin crits in the same turn, and kneels to thank his god Bane; Balazar kills the second one with a sneak attack crit.

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