What we're about

Does the thought of going to another networking event make you want to throw up?

Feel like you’re doing it wrong or there should be more to it? - or perhaps another way to get business?

Believe me when I tell you, you're not alone. Many people feel just like you do. I've been there and that's why I developed this networking academy.

Let me show you...

- the ins-and-outs of networking
- what attracts and repels people
- how to harness your anxiety about networking so you can walk confidently into an event and make great connections
- how to add value and set the right intentions
- how to walk away with appointments set
- how to be memorable for all the right reasons
- and much more.

PLUS I will share the secret sauce to what makes you more referable.

If this is something you have been struggling with and wanting to change, then RSVP now. The tools you will learn can be applied in many other areas of life.


Feedback from previous workshops:
- You’re energy and personality and genuine interest in the subject give this workshop it’s value.
- You came from the heart as well as head in a balanced way. Thank you.
- I would like to see more opportunities like a largely advertised CE where more people are made aware of your services.
- It was an honor to be able to attend and it would be something I would put on my schedule.
- I would absolutely love to attend another workshop.

On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best - the average measurable difference in how our participants felt about networking from the time they arrived to the conclusion of the workshop in the following areas:

Confidence - 8 out of 10
Anxiety - 7.67 out of 10
Better Prepared - 9 out of 10
Felt you would be more successful at it - 9 out of 10

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