What we're about

Calling on musician's, singers and songwriters to gather to jam together and share our song's (or cover songs). Let's get together and have fun and support each other in our heartfelt expressions in music!

How I see this going... this group will follow a pass the stick rule. Meaning: whomever has the stick, it's your turn to share a song, play a cover song, lead a sing along, or start a jam.

If a participant has a song they would like to share and have other musicians follow and play with them on, I strongly encourage they bring chords and lyrics sheets to pass out for the players to reference while playing.

Many kinds of players are welcome to participate in the group... but mainly acoustic. Guitar, singers, ukulele, cello, bass, violin, brass, banjo, harp, dulcimer, dobro, percussion, cajon, drums (if the space permits), keys (bring your amplifier) piano (if the space permits), etc...

The more experienced players, the better. Beginners can join and use this group in a supportive way to step forward in sharing their songs or refine their performance.

This is a sober group. Light consumption of alcohol is okay. But the purpose of the group is to play music together and support each other in our heartfelt expression... Not to party.

I'm a singer songwriter of 20+ years and I love to explore the creative terrain with other players. I also get great satisfaction in supporting other artists to express their creations and to see if we can meet each other in the field of the creative unknown through jamming together.

The styles of music that I am into is as follows... Rock, indie rock, classic rock, singer songwriters, folk, indie folk, folk rock, electro acoustic, most of what was happening in the 60's and 70's, post punk new wave 80’s, psychedelic, neo psychedelia, synth pop, spiritual, gospel, retro R & B, funk, blues, jam, retro country, some jazz, some bluegrass...

Participants don't need to be completely synced up with my style preference, but if you do resonate with some of my preferred styles I think the better for harmonious playing.

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