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Truman Ardent Smith* and Christian seminary professor Tony Guthrie will be discussing science and religion issues this Monday 7-29-13 from 6:00 to 6:30 pm. You can see it broadcast live at this YouTube channel: , and you may be able to add comments under the video while it is being recorded. At the end, the speakers may address some of the comments (that's your invitation, as the general public, to participate). (This is a first attempt at this kind of meeting, so technical difficulties may arise.)

Truman Smith wrote the booklet called "Modern Science and Philosophy Destroys Christian Theology" ( ). Tony Guthrie is the author of "Crossing the Homiletical Bridge" ( ). Truman has a seminary degree from Luther Rice Seminary in Georgia, where Dr. Guthrie taught and still teaches. Truman left the Christian faith and became an atheist about two years (2009) after graduating (2007).

The main content of the broadcast will be addressing the three biggest objections (from Dr. Guthrie's viewpoint) regarding Truman's booklet.

More background on these authors:
Truman's booklet is mostly about his assertion that modern science and philosophy can now firmly destroy Christian theology, largely because of evolution and neurology. For example, biological evolution shows that there was no "first human" and so the Adam and Eve story is shown to be literally not true. But can it be used as allegory? This is where philosophy comes in to show that even allegory can't save it, because of issues like "the problem of evil."

Dr. Guthrie's book is a manual for instructing students how to effectively preach the gospel. He notes that too many, perhaps even most, communicators of God's Word practice "guessegesis" rather than solid exegesis. Beginning with the purpose of preaching then moving through the process of understanding the ancient text to the meaningful and relevant application to the modern listener, Guthrie reveals a system that is simple yet detailed. The preacher's need for deep study is married to the listener's goal of seeing meaningful implications for their lives.

Note: Truman Smith is the pen name for Bernie Dehler.


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