Will You Learn Chinese to Advance in AI?

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China plans to leapfrog in AI development and made such intentions clear by declaring to the world that it would be the world leader by 2025. According to research such as the publication of Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, China is well on its way to overtaking the US in the most-cited 1% of AI research papers by 2025, showing quality improvement in papers published by Chinese researchers.

As the AI research matures in China, it is also becoming its own distinct community as the language issue creates asymmetry information. The rest of the world must be open-minded to the shift in technological leadership, while offering collaboration opportunities and remaining on the firm ground around issues such as privacy, bias, and autonomous weapons, in order to also benefit from such technological advancement.

About the Speakers

Jie Liu

A native Chinese living in Germany, Jie Lu wrote his thesis on the co-creation in AI companies, based on the interviews he has done with tech unicorn founders in Silicon Valley, Shanghai and Peking. Having worked in 3 startups in Shanghai, 2 in Munich, he founded one in Shanghai himself as well. Liu is genuinely interested in how the AI development and outlook differs in China and in Germany.

Yuxiang Chen

Yuxiang Chen is a Senior Machine Learning Engineer. Before joining Alibaba Cloud Germany, he worked at Amazon. He has profound knowledge of cloud computing, deep learning search recommendation, and NLP..., etc. While having worked for both the U.S. and Chinese internet giants, he has an in-depth knowledge of the AI development/application in the U.S., China and Europe, how the strategies differ, who is leading in the race of AI supremacy, and most importantly - how AI is shaping the future.