What we're about

Cancer does change your life! FOREVER!! WERE A GROUP FOR YOUR NEW NORMAL.
This is a group for cancer patients and survivors. We offer support, friendship and a strong community to any cancer patients or survivors. We want to be here for you. Come join our US and let's do this together. From supportive gatherings to healthy meals all the way to learning how to survive once its over.
With twice-monthly meetings to once a week as needed to offer support and encouragement from people who "Get it," to nourishing meals focused on healing our bodies, our group is a place to heal and take your life back from the disease.
This is an informational group to share information. This is a group for anyone who has cancer or has had cancer and would like to learn and share alternative methods of healing as well as support for each other in their cancer journey. Alternative methods of healing may include food choices, exercises, prayers, types of meditation, books read, reiki, crystals, yoga and much more. Studies have proven that people with cancer have a longer chance of survival if they have a strong support network. Hopefully, we can be that to one another.
I'm inviting and encouraging ADULTs that have or have had any kind of cancer whether newly diagnosed, in remission or still battling like I am to Meetup with us.

This group does not take the place of conventional methods of healing that your Doctor or Oncologist has prescribed but is just be used in conjunction with it. We will not be giving medical advice. We will be sharing information and supporting one another.
• Sharing thoughts, fears, and insights.
• Become more informed about Cancer; treatment options that are here in our community, resources, through lectures, films, literature and group dialogue.
• We'll be that shoulder to lean on, a hand to hold, a hug
• Learn how to make positive adjustments, modify your lifestyle while undergoing treatment
• Learn with us and from us, heal, grow, and open each day as a gift.
• Learn to keep positive
• We'll Learn Visualization,hypnosis and EFT techniques, for better health.
We will also have funing raising events to help pay for our supplements,meals and classes.
Come once a week or once a month each week meeting in a different City until we have large enough groups to maintain a city on it's own. The Support Group operates like a surrogate family where members feel supported and cared for and encourages hope, strength and a positive attitude. Let's become friends, But never becoming a click.

• What to bring
Water, pen, paper, and your positive, happy self

• Important to know
It's FREE, donations or Love offering are always welcomed

MY Ribbon is PINK

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