What we're about

Our GOAL! is to mentor you on how to be a PROFESSIONAL Technical analysis Trader and be truly profitable.

This meetup is for anyone who is interested about trading in the Forex market or ever was curious about it, do understand you will not need to have a trading background to attend the meetup, I would like to inspire every men and women into this meetup and to know the hidden truth that majority wouldn't talk about or mention in the Forex industry.

Meetup tasks :

1. What is Forex trading?
2. Why do many people fail in the Forex industry?
3. What does it take to be a successful trader?
4. My Trading journey story.
5. Analyzing live market.
6. Break out strategies
7. what are psychological prices
8. Bonus information to help you in your trading career

FX-Space has inspired students from all over the globe, from 9 different countries. Malaysia, China, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, America, France, Algeria, Jamaica, Curaçao. Students success is our success. Since our revenue is derived purely From education, the more you succeed, the more people you’ll Naturally want to tell about our service . And that is why we only aim for students which are driven to learn and purse trading for their career. Understand Trading doesn't have an age, as long as you are driven.

We hope to see you there!

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