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Turkish Brunch! Yes, you heard me right...

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We consistently come back here (over & over) because the food is amazing and the service equally so. They have been serving brunch for a while and I've wanted to try it.

Since they only serve lahmacun ( (aka "Turkish Pizza") on Thursdays & Sundays, then Sunday brunch it is so I can get the best of both worlds. Click on the restaurant link below to view their brunch as well as regular menu.

Also, there's an AMAZING dessert on the menu called Kunefe (see picture)! It's made to order and takes a while so you must order at the beginning of your meal. p.s. I never share my kunefe...

Kunefe ( .... $ 6.50
Tissue thin layers of rolled pastry, shredded and baked with unsalted cheese. Served warm with a light syrup.
*Kunefe is a specialty dessert and requires 20 minutes to prepare. Please inform your server in advance that you will be partaking in this "Turkish Delight".

About Anatolia:
This is, undoubtedly, one of my ALL TIME favorite restaurants in Nashville. I have never had anything I didn't love.

Turkish Cuisine is largely the heritage of Ottoman cuisine, which can be described as a fusion and refinement of Central Asian, Middle Eastern and Balkan cuisines. Turkish cuisine has in turn influenced those and other neighbouring cuisines, including that of Western Europe. The Ottomans fused various culinary traditions of their realm with influences from Middle Eastern cuisines, along with traditional Turkic elements from Central Asia (such as yogurt), creating a vast array of specialties- many with strong regional associations.