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Viener Fest: Was möchten Sie essen?

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Was möchten Sie essen? (What do you want to eat?)

My friend Jeffrey Ellis is the General Manager here and is welcoming us with open arms again (after too long).This is a small Meetup due to the venue size. The staff and service are excellent. The food and desserts are delicious.

Sausage sampler... that's all I'm saying - locally produced meats from Batey Farms (, another friend's brother/family owns this farm in Rutherford County. I swear this not a case of "nepotism"!

Lots of Wurst Teller (sausages), Spaetzle (traditional house made egg noodle pasta) and Schnitzels to choose from... save room for dessert - the Black Forrest cake looked amazing last time. Maybe we can share!!!

Viener Fest Menu:

I just wish they had hasenpfeffer...

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