What. Freethinker's-Book Discussion: Sex & War by Malcom Potts

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Today's Starter Topic: Sex and War: How Biology Explains Warfare and Terrorism and Offers a Path to a Safer World - by Malcolm Potts & Thomas Hayden. We'll begin with chapters one through five (of 15 chapters).


The book is a look at the evolutionary causes of violent conflicts that’s “worth reading, and arguing about” (Toronto Star).

Why does war seem to be so fundamental to our species? And is there anything we can do about it?

Sex and War explores these questions from the frontlines of war-torn countries around the world. As a scientist and obstetrician, Malcolm Potts has worked with governments and aid organizations globally, and in the trenches with women who have been raped and brutalized in the course of war. Combining their own experience with scientific findings in primatology, genetics, and anthropology, Potts and journalist Thomas Hayden explain war’s pivotal position in the human experience, and how men in particular evolved under conditions that favored gang behavior, rape, and organized aggression. Drawing on these new insights, they propose a rational plan for making warfare less frequent and less brutal in the future.

Anyone interested in understanding human nature, warfare, and terrorism at their most fundamental levels will find Sex and War to be an illuminating work, and one that might change the way they see the world.

Our discussion will broaden out to any timely topic that is on each of our minds. Starter topics are just an ice breaker. Those who have watched the videos or read the book will have the first shot in starting our conversation.

We currently meet at the Cordata Community Food Coop, Cordata, near Whatcom Community College on the first Friday of each month. You will find the stairs to the 2nd Floor "Local Roots" room on the SE corner of the store near the last register next to the deli area. At the top of stairs, turn right into the room.

Enjoy free flowing discussion on Politics, Religion, Science, Ethics, and any other controversial subject that comes to mind. We also encourage attendees to share their life story that lead their journey to the 'Land of Freethought', Free Inquiry, Skepticism towards cultural stories, norms & traditions and to the admiration of the scientific method as the only reliable means of finding answers to our probing questions and common sense solutions to humanity's current problems.

Suggestions for future meeting's starter topics are encouraged.

See you there!