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Women over 40 notice all kinds of changes happening in their bodies. Sometimes we talk about them in jest; other times we buckle in fear that they might be signs of aging or even worse - illness. Society does a bad job of telling us that it's OK to discuss ANYTHING that relates to our feeling confident that we are healthy. Social mores vary from culture to culture, but I can't find one that truly OVERTLY supports open and even urgent discussion about aging and menopause.

I'm forming this group with a mission to include the voices of experts (doctors, psychologists, health practitioners) along with women - to get us all off the internet (where mis information abounds) and into circles of Conversations for Clarity!

When we have a critical mass of members, I'll convene the perfect MeetUp to match our needs. Let me put it this way - just because every woman has a different experience with peri-menopause and menopause - that does not give society the right to shrug its shoulders and say "what ever works for you" without regard for the deeper message that silences too many of us. Too many women - especially minority and undeserved women - become ill because they "tough it out". Diseases are not diagnosed when warning signs are written off as "oh, this must be the 'change'." Let's get clear and stay healthy.

ALL ages welcome. Women's health is family health.

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Your Heart. A live, pumping show about it. Pause Pod Blast.

voila! Creative Studio


This is a live pod blast event. Your presence and participation impacts women from all over the country who will listen to the resulting podcast. Thank you for being a part of this project. Our second episode deals with matters of the heart - literally. Every 80 seconds, one of us dies. Yup. Let's learn about how not to die. First step: understand the complexities of the most precious of organs and what it's dealing with during menopause and beyond. Our show will feature a conversation, a performance and YOUR q/a with UCLA's Dr. Deena Goldwater. Bring your curiosity. We're ready to dig in. Yes, we are "all different" but our commonality rules when it comes to our desire to more deeply and practically understand our changing bodies. Join us as a live, participating audience member for Pause Podcast. We're neither overly clinical or distractingly irreverent. We are creating a community around information + connection - with a focus on women's health and thriving through menopause. This event is not about talking heads in a studio. It will be sculpted by your engagement. Powered by Doctor Wise Homeopathy. DoctorWise.com - join their growing community of women and practitioners. Sunday Afternoon March 24th, 4 o'clock Los Angles 3:30 coffee and conversation. 4 pm the podcast begins! RSVP https://www.paypal.me/ArtistsForLiteracy/5 There is plenty of parking on side streets, Meters on this block (of the venue) are only for ONE hour - so please park on side street or park on Waring west of La Brea, There's an elementary school with a bunch of parking available Or UBER, LYFT, scoot, or dance on over! For more insight into Pause, please visit PausePodcast.com

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