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Consent & Play

Consent & Play is part workshop and part playshop. This is a space to practice asking for what you want and perhaps even receive it! In this space, the Wheel of Consent meets authentic relating meets cuddle party.
Consent & Play is led by Robyn Dalzen, a co-founder and trained facilitator of the School of Consent. She is passionate about creating spaces that feel safe enough to experiment, play and have fun while learning new things about yourself.
Skills that you will learn and practice:
• Communication tools
• Consent skills
• Creating agreements
• Asking for what you want
• Tuning into your authentic ‘Yes’ and ‘No’
• Speaking up for your limits and boundaries
• Empowered choice around touch
All of these skills transfer into your daily life, whether you are interacting with a friend, a colleague, or a loved one, and you will gain more confidence and ease in negotiating your desires.
What the evening will look like:
The first half of the evening includes a welcome circle, introductions, and several interactive games to help you settle into the space. You will practice communicating what you want based on the dynamics of the Wheel of Consent and you will practice speaking up for your limits – your ‘yes’ and ‘no’ – in a light-hearted and playful way.
The second half of the evening will be a play space to practice making authentic requests of others in the group for short exchanges of touch, and if you receive a ‘yes’, you get to enjoy the activity. This is where you get to put your consent skills to the test. The more you practice, the stronger your skills become and the more confident you feel.
What the play space looks like: The group will sit in a circle and will be guided by the facilitator. One person at a time can make a request of another person in the circle, for example, “Will you massage my feet for 5 minutes?” If the other person is willing to do this, they respond with, “yes” and the two move outside the circle for the allotted time to receive what was agreed upon in the circle, nothing more. Others in the circle continue making requests, and when each activity is complete, the individuals rejoin the circle. Each request can be no more than 10 minutes in length.
The evening will end with a closing circle for self-reflection and digestion of the evening.
You can come to Consent & Play to practice making requests, to have fun, to receive some touch, or to practice saying ‘no’. Some people may come to the event to practice saying ‘no’ to every request, and some may come to practice receiving a ‘no’.
But most importantly, you come to be you and to learn that you get to choose how, when and where you are touched – maybe even not at all. You don’t ever have to be touched by anyone you don’t want to be touched by – ever.
This will be a fully clothed event. There may be sexual energy, but the idea is not to follow it. If it arises in an exchange, notice and appreciate it, but don’t try to enhance it or run after it.

Vitalize Community and Healing Arts Center
3474 South 2300 East #12, Salt Lake City, Utah 84109

$25 in advance / $30 at the door

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