• THE SPICE OF LIFE: Progressive Slow Friending Dinner Game

    How often do we come to conclusions about people based on superficial basics such as age, appearance and profession? THE SPICE OF LIFE dinner game is aimed at helping us move past preconceived ideas about each other by challenging us to reveal strange, unusual, or unexpected secrets. Explore a variety of restaurants along Melbourne's famous Hardware Lane and make friends with a colorful and varied group of friendly bohemians. All ages, all backgrounds....variety is the spice of life! HOW IT WORKS: Everyone meets at Murmur Bar at 7pm When you arrive, you are given your own personal dinner schedule that will take you to one venue for entree, another for main, and a third for dessert. Each course comes with a different set of dinner partners and a question that asks you to reveal a secret or unusual fact about yourself. What is said at the dinner table STAYS AT THE DINNER TABLE. Meet back at the GOLDEN MONKEY after dinner for a drink and an opportunity to meet with the people you didn't meet during dinner. TICKETS: $55 - but you get $40 back in cash when you arrive to spend on food and drinks. Why do we do this? 1) To minimize no-shows. 2) So that everyone has cash to make it easier to split bills when necessary PURCHASE TICKETS ONLINE HERE>> (https://www.trybooking.com/BCODA) ALL TICKETS MUST BE PRE-PURCHASED ONLINE. NO TICKETS AT THE DOOR.

  • "Pirates of NoPantz": Pirate Party! (Rated R)

    The Crystal Room (at The Moser Room)

    Yarrr me hearties! It be time for a most stupendous night of pirate mayhem! Pirate acts! Pirate music! Pirate dancing! Pirate costumes! And all sorts of pirate merry- making! Strap on your peg-leg and eye-patch and get ready for a wild night of pirate chaos! BEWARE! This ain’t no Disney film, this event is rated ARRR!!! (Entertainment contains male and female pirate nudity!) COSTUMES: Come dressed as a pirate (obviously!) Any kind of pirate is ok: classic Blackbeard, sexy pirate, steam punk pirate, metal pirate... anything goes! If you’re just not the dress-up type, just try to make some kind of small effort... people do really get dressed up for our events and you’ll feel left out if you come completely casual. ENTERTAINMENT & DANCE FLOOR: Entertainment will be a wild all-sorts line-up of comedy, music, circus arts, dancing, and striptease. After each act, you will be invited to come and join our creative ensemble on the dance floor as they shake their pirate booties! DRINKS & NIBBLES: Drinks are available for purchase at the bar. There will be a few complimentary nibbles on offer, however, we will not be serving dinner so please eat before your come. TICKETS: $48 PURCHASE TICKETS ONLINE HERE>> https://www.trybooking.com/BCOIR TICKETS MUST BE PRE-PURCHASED ONLINE PRIOR TO THE EVENT!!! NO TICKETS AT THE DOOR!! We really encourage people to purchase tickets as early as possible as it makes things much easier for us to plan and prepare for.

  • DRAGON FLAME: Midwinter Fire Festival

    24 Moons

    At the darkest and coldest time of year, friends and strangers gather to commune with the gods of fire! This immersive social celebration explores and celebrates the human relationship with fire with a dazzling array of fire acts, from graceful palm candles to wild flaming swords. Lively social activities and dance floor sessions ignite new friendships and warm even the coldest of hearts. Come dressed as a fantasy fire-themed character and be a part of the spectacle! Come on your own or bring your friends and loved ones. Leave no one out in the cold! **YELLOW EVENT** DRESS THEME: Come dressed as a fantasy creature or character associated with fire. Fire gods and goddesses, fire sprites, devils, fire demons, dragons, phoenix, a Balrog of Middle Earth, Daenerys Targaryen, St George the Dragon Slayer... If you’re really stuck for ideas or you just don’t do fancy dress too well, just wear festive fire colors - red, orange, yellow or gold. Just don't come completely casual or you'll feel left out! ENTERTAINMENT: The Venus Underground Ensemble (creators of Temple of Lilith, ErotiCats, and Pirates of NoPantz) lead us through an evening of fire and fantasy! Our artists draw from various mythologies, each portraying a different fire god or goddess as they perform wildly beautiful fire acts and guide us through creative social activities. Of course, it wouldn’t be a festival without music and dancing so be ready to join us on the dance floor for some festive grooves! DRINKS & NIBBLES: Drinks are available for purchase at the bar. The venue serves food and there will be some complimentary nibbles on offer, however, dinner is not included in the ticket price. TICKETS: $48 TICKETS MUST BE PRE-PURCHASED ONLINE! NO TICKETS AT THE DOOR PURCHASE TICKETS HERE>> https://www.trybooking.com/BCRVW