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Meet The Cheesemaker: Tour and Tasting at Bodega Artisan Cheese (Pt. 1)

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As Part One of our "Meet The Cheesemaker" series with Patty Karlin of Bodega Artisan Cheese, we will be visiting Patty at her goat ranch and creamery for a tour of her operation, and a tasting of her cheeses! Bodega Artisan Cheese is a small scale, family owned farmstead operation that has been producing handcrafted cheeses since 1984. They typically make cheese in 50 gallon batches from their own herd of goats. (

Attendees of the tour will get to learn about small-scale farmstead cheesemaking and try many of the cheeses from Bodega Artisan Cheese such as Fresco, Crema, Country Cottage, Goat Mozzarella, Goat Manchego, Charolais, Robiola, and Natilla. Patty will teach us all to make Goat Mozzarella on the following Sunday (at The Beverage People classroom, January 22).

Patty's farm is run on a sustainable model, incorporating permaculture as well as organic certification since 2008.

UPDATE 12-19-11

Due to popular demand, Patty will conduct the tour and tasting with 15 people at a time, in three separate sessions. Tours will take place at 11 AM, 1 PM, and 3 PM. This means we will cap at a maximum of 45 people (revised from our previous max. of 30). RSVP is required here on the meetup site, cost is merely $12 to compensate Patty for her time and cheese (please bring cash).

Your tour time will be assigned by the order in which people RSVP (first tour filled first). A week before the tour I will send out directions to the creamery as well as a list of names assigned for each tour. This is how you will know for sure whether you are assigned to 11 AM, 1 PM, or 3 PM.

To make it fun, we can bring along wine or other drinks to try to "pair" with the cheeses. Patty will provide cheeses, crackers, and possibly other foods. See you there!