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Tuesday Whispers In The Winds Psychic Classes & Meditation Monthly Meetup

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Livermore Civic Library ~ ~ Community Room A ~ ~ 1188 South Livermore Avenue, Livermore

Enter the Main Entrance, turn RIGHT - The Community Room A is past the deli on the right, accross from the restrooms. ~~If you go to the main part of the library, or the Information Desk, you've gone too far.~~ It's just inside the Main Entrance doors, to the right.

Directions to Civic Center, 1188 South Livermore Avenue, from I-580: Take the N. Livermore Avenue Exit, head South toward the center of Livermore. Civic Center Library is 2.5 miles from the N. Livermore exit on the left hand side of the street. College Avenue is the nearest cross street. City Hall & the Police Station are on the left immediately before the Library.

925-518-5101 Kim's phone

Enhance Your Own Power By Integrating Your Intuitive Skills

7:00 - 7:20 a free one-question mini-reading **

7.20 - 8.00 - Channeling / Lecture

8.00 - 8.30 - Intuitive Interactive and/or Q&A

8.30 - 8.50 - Guided (often channeled)

Meditation Cash/Check at the door or PayPal before the meeting. Bring your receipt, please.

**(in order of arrival; due to meeting time, there is a small possibility there won't be enough time for all people to be read, depending on the number of people in attendance.)

Class teacher & channeler is me, Kim Kristiansson. I've been teaching since the 1980's. I am a professional psychic & medium. I was 15 before I found out everyone didn't use their intuition! My only reaction was, "Why not??!!"

Intrigued by this, I started my (ongoing) investigation & study of metaphysics, philosophy, & humankind's Quest for spiritual connection. I come from a family who took psychic happenings in stride (I am a 7th generation clairsentient on my mother's side) & a Catholic going to Catholic school. The Universe had me live in high-energy environments (i.e. over a former POW camp in Guam & in a Berlin barracks -site of a bloody coup attempt between different factions of Nazis). I often spontaneously channeled at some length - details that couldn't be found any other apparent way. Neither of these things were explained or encouraged by Church doctrine -So I kept investigating - & practicing. My studies took me more than half-way around the world, to many disciplines & several renowned & wise teachers, including one of Sylvia Browne's mentors, & being "adopted" by a hereditary Kahuna while still in grade-school. I am grateful to Charlie, Kevin Reyerson, S. Bartlett, Hans King & Nick Nocerino for their guidance & encouragement. I also studied with the Spiritual Science Church. Every night since I was three, my mother would practice telepathy with me, using a deck of playing cards at the kitchen table. Since all the neighborhood kids' moms played Bridge, I thought everyone played the "telepathy game" after dinner. Boy, was I surprised! I was in my 40's when I found out there was a trick to a magic trick which was popular in my childhood; until then, I thought you picked the correct card by intuition & psychometry. After doing Palmistry, I moved to doing Psychometry (reading energy off of objects -from car keys to Stonehenge stones), & now do what are called "Cold Readings" (reading the energy of the person or events without the aid of anything else, such as Tarot, crystal balls, etc.)

I have used my psychic & remote viewing capabilities for police, the National Security Agency, Military Intelligence, and other Agencies.

I feel strongly that intuition is a powerful tool in daily but most of us have not been guided to develop it or taught how to trust our own abilities.

For more info: . Our purpose is a focused gathering to share in spiritual awareness and most importantly, the awareness of your own connectedness. A safe place for practice & validation of your own innate psychic & metaphysical abilities. Intuition is a powerful tool in daily life & as magical & ordinary as any of our senses, but most of us have not been guided to develop it or taught how to trust our own abilities. In this new century, it is becoming essential for us all to live the most balanced and integrated lives possible. In Authentic and compassionate living, it is necessary to synthesize wisdom, logic & feeling, as well as deepening understanding.

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