Creating powerful visualizations and affirmations for your dream life

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In this session we will discuss the proper way to use visualization and affirmations to get what you want in your life!

Visualization and affirmations can be a very powerful practice if done the right way. We have to move from "seeing is believing" to a "believing is seeing" mindset.

You will leave with some tools to embody these new practises.

About the Law of Attraction:
The Law of Attraction really came to the forefront after the movie The Secret. This law is a fundamental Law of Creation - you get what you focus on. Your thoughts, emotions, words and actions are creating your current reality.

This is an opportunity to ask questions about the Law of Attraction and how you can put this into practise for yourself and start seeing amazing improvements. Over time you will learn to stop doubting your choices, making the right decisions, to stop feeling overwhelmed or exhausted and to feel excited and inspired about your life!