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Are you someone who has experienced being a bid wife or girlfriend of someone who has been or is still incarcerated?

Are you afraid of starting over in life and leaving behind the life that was created between you and your incarcerated love one?

Being in a relationship comes with its up and downs and being a wife, mother, and provider doing multiple County bids and State bids comes with a price of sometimes losing family members, children, self, and others along the way, but it can also build stronger bonds and deeper communication platforms between you and your loved ones.

There are so many prevalent issues in the U.S.A when it comes to single moms being forced into motherhood. It can come with a price and a lot of adjustments especially when your love one is in the prison system where inmates are subjected to inhumane treatment. Causing for single moms to have limited resources to take care of their immediate family as well as support their love ones with commissary packages, visits, phone calls. Causing for the tension and friction of an uneducated society to judge them and shun them instead of helping them because not every single mom and or prisoner deserves to be put in that unforeseen situation instead of implementing some sort of rehabilitating plan, so they become better off in society. The prison system creates a deeper and detriment effect on the emotional and mental actions that guide them in the real world.

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