The Heart's Awakening - Opening to Nourishing Relationships


This workshop is our newest offering, a continuing Introduction to White Spirit Tantra.

We're exploring Tantra from the point of view of the divine connection between two people. You'll have an opportunity to experience what moves you, giving you insight into what touches the hearts of others. This mutual flow of energy is the center of a nourishing relationship. We invite you to join us in a delicious evening of exploration.

The spiritual practice of White Tantra is compassionate & natural; it's about feeling connected. Our focus is on discovering and nurturing your precious heart energy. Staying grounded in the NOW, you can be confident and be open with others.

To newcomers: Rest assured, this is the lovely Introduction you've been looking for. We create a safe, sweet space here to get out of your heads and connect from your hearts. Yummy indeed... And did I mention that we're air conditioned?!

Both couples & singles are welcome. For couples, White Spirit Tantra will show you ways to deepen your relationship. If you're single: you'll learn how to be comfortable and present with potential partners.

This workshop is held in my home in Los Gatos in the S. F. South Bay. We have a small group that fits nicely in my living room, which feels really good. If you wish to communicate with me, please click on Messages.

Seeing a need for heart connection in our fast-paced world, Baba Nicole Herrick, as director of Omega Fellowship, introduced White Spirit Tantra in 1995. Baba is a masterful relationship counselor, specializing in Tantric communication. Omega is Non-Profit Human Potential Organization serving the Bay Area since 1965.